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Название произведения: .Killer Queen.

Исполнитель песни: .Jimi Blue.

Продолжительность mp3: 03:28

Время добавления: 2015-12-20

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The lights go down 2 opponents, 12 rounds
they can't hear themselves
cause the crowd's so fucking loud
body to body, yeah, fist to fist,
the aim is knock em' out, win some respect
a world championship there's so much at stake
it only takes a second to land on your face
she walks the walk, she talks the talk,
everybody bow
as she moves through the crowd.

She's the killer queen
she sting like a bee,
she floats like a butterfly
there ain't no other fighter like her alive
she's the killer queen
the killer queen,
my beauty queen
you've gotta wa-watch her
to know what I mean.

The ground's shaking,
her opponent shit scared
she's got the killer instinct
her enemies beware
her cold hard stare,
a breath of fresh air
she ain't afraid of shit
to spill some blood everywhere
the show goes on
as the floats across the ring
killer queen, killer queen
is what the crowd sing
wibf, wba, the world take note the
killer queen's here to stay.

Stop - let's see how it's now ha
right hook, upper cut,
double hit, double points
right jab, left hook,
she's down she's out
another win by knockout
my killer queen
come on, take a bow, take a bow.

Allow the share
this real short story wit chu
about the fly in the jar,
which struggled hard
to break through
it was trapped by mistake,
stuck with no real clue
how to escape it's jail of glass,
but it was lucky too see
the jar was pretty old
with some decent cracks
just right for the escape
yeah, there was hope for that
it would make it's way
out the jar eventually
and find an opening
take the chance
to live life free (you know).

We all are meant to live
the life we want
we're never meant to leave
our dreams behind
we're always meant to live
the life we want
just don't forget… Nah, I wont forget

I once knew a girl,
her family was poor
her father'd lost his job -
their fate was unsure
then her mama died…
She wouldn't stop to cry
and at that point she thought
she wouldn't survive
but she remembered -
remembered the dream
she always had
decided to fight
and take life in her own hands
it was a struggle…
but she kept going on
and at the end
she archieved everything
she ever dreamed of.

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