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Spend more and better-quality panel technologies become available, 3D makes an appearance, while larger, higher-resolution screens dominate the premium end of the market. Though not appearing to offer excellent value-for-money at the outset, the S3UCB has a neat trick up its sleeve Look and feel Philips uses a low-power LED backlight on this model to reduce energy consumption to a maximum of 9W, compared with the W pulled by other monitors of this size.

The obvious benefit in having a reduced-power screen rests with it being able to run from a single dual-input USB 2. The simple design is helped by having no buttons on the monitor casing. Deserving a mention is the stand. All too often manufacturers supply the cheapest, most inflexible stand they can get away with.

Philips envisions this 3. It can be attached to any computer toting USB ports and removing the power and signal cables heralds the possibility of a relatively clutter-free desktop. Tell me a little about the screen itself Philips uses an energy-efficient TN panel that produces reasonable image quality when viewed from head-on.

Move much in either direction and the screen, while eminently readable, appears rather dark. How does it work? This is where the folks at DisplayLink come in. Adaptive compression is absolutely necessary as USB 2. A DisplayLink chip embedded into the USB monitor then decompresses the data and pushes it onto the screen, meaning the USB wire carries both power and video.

How well does it work? Installation, as expected, is a cinch. A lack of monitor-side controls means that any image adjustment needs to be undertaken through software, which takes a little getting used to. Watching a p, h. Increase the load to a p clip, however, and frames are dropped every once in a while, which becomes immediately noticeable. A single-wire, bus-powered connection perhaps better lends itself to being used alongside a laptop computer, where adding a larger display - or, indeed, enabling multiple displays - can be a chore.

Running a p clip on an Intel Core i3 laptop pushes CPU utilisation up to around per cent while a p clip requires a total resource of around 50 per cent.


LCD monitor, LED backlight



Philips 221S3UCB/00 用户手册



Philips S-line 221S3UCB - LED monitor - 21.5"


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