The Food Ti-Touch offers you the complete package for aqueous acid-base titrations in the food industry. Portable voltammetric analyzer for the determination of trace levels of arsenic, mercury, and copper in water. Can someone tell me how to calibrate pH electrodes attached to the Metrohm ti-touch titrator? Test version for 30 days. In addition to the determination methods described in detail, you also receive the complete accessories for your titrations.

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The system has been tested by our service technician by doing a few titrations and the system is in working condition. We will include a 30 day warranty of the system. Shipping: The shipping settings on our website are as follows: 1. Items 0. The UPS shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of the item.

Items over pounds will ship by freight. Freight shipments outside of the USA, Canada, and Mexico will be shipped to the customs area of your closest international airport where you will pay customs taxes and fees as well as arrange the shipping from the airport to your location. If the shipping costs appear to be incorrect, please call or email us and we will check the shipping cost.

Schedule a time to pick up your order from our warehouse. We can provide additional shipping quotes to you and you can decide the best option. You can provide your shipping company account information for us to utilize in shipping your order.

You can provide us the shipping labels of your carrier once we provide you the final weight and dimensions. If there is not a warranty provided in the item description, then the item is sold as-is without a warranty.

We may consider offering a warranty for an as-is item, please call or email us and we can discuss the warranty. We do not accept returns for an as-is item. Please check the section of our website Warranty and Returns for further details.


916 Ti-Touch with magnetic stirrer



Metrohm 916 Ti-Touch



Ti-Touch: compact potentiometric titrator


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