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Restart the Tomcat server. You will see the following page: Chapter 9 4. Click on the Product wise date wise sales and purchase link. You shall see the following page: Mondrian Integration for Analysis With this, you are now ready to analyze the data using the cube that we had defined earlier. The tooltip on the buttons tells us what functionality is driven by which button. For example, click on All Types and then expand the All Dates for each Order Type to see the year-wise sales and purchase details, as shown in the following screenshot: Slicing and dicing The query, by default, returns a data set on which the analysis is carried out.

During the analysis, if you want to limit the data set to a smaller set and base your analysis on top of it, then you can create a slice of the data and use it. This is achieved using the filters in JPivot. This recipe describes the steps required to define and apply a filter and how to remove it. For the recipe, we have taken the use case where the user only wants to look at the sales and purchase details pertaining to a particular product—Patio Table.

Chapter 9 How to do it Click on the toolbar button. The following section appears: 2. Click on the icon appearing before the Product under Rows. This will add the Product to the Filter. Click on the Product link and click on the red colored icon appearing before All Products and click again on the icon appearing before Patio Table Mondrian Integration for Analysis 4. Select Patio Table. Click on the OK button. You shall see that the filter detail has been mentioned as follows: 6.

The filter is applied and the detail is displayed based on the slice of data filtered by the product name: Chapter 9 7. To remove the filter, click on the button. You shall see the Product under the Filter section. Click on the button. This shall take the Product back to the Rows. You may use the buttons to position the Product among Rows. The result set will now include all the products. Producing charts and graphs Tabular data is great, but to give a quick idea or to quickly derive some information from the data set, a visual representation is helpful.

The JPivot interface of Mondrian provides the support for charts and graphs. It produces charts based on the current data set and also allows a user to configure the chart type and its details.

Mondrian Integration for Analysis How to do it On the Order Analysis page, click on the button. This will present the current data set in the form of chart: 2. To change the chart type or to configure a chart, click on the button. This will present the following options: Chapter 9 3. Click on the OK button after changing these values. This shall present the chart in the selected form, and clicking on the bar shall show you the drill through information.

Click on the icon in the Quantity column header to drill through the quantity. Creating reports from the analyzed data set Apply filters, change column orders, apply sorting, and the like on the crosstab representation that represents your current analysis outcome at a given instance of time.

Once you have got your data set, it may be required to print a report from it so that the same can be shared with others. This recipe describes the steps to print reports using Mondrian and JPivot. Prepare your crosstab view after your analysis and click on the button, which presents the data in PDF form.

To produce an MS-Excel sheet, click on the button. To change the print settings, click on the button. We already made use of it in our previous chapter to send mail to the users. However, many a time, it is very convenient to use the full-fledged mail clients like, Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook, Evolution, and so on for two different reasons: 1.

The bottom line is that we use them and it would be good if we can have a two-way integration with ADempiere so that things like outbound and inbound messages, tasks, and events can be in sync between both. I have selected Mozilla Thunderbird because of its popularity, simplicity, and the extensibility support. We will see how we can pull out the users detail from ADempiere and use them in sending bulk messages. For example, if you want to send a mail to all your prospects, then you can pull out the prospects from the ADempiere database and use them to send e-mails.

To achieve the goal, we will be developing a Thunderbird add-on. Setting up the environment As we are going to develop a Thunderbird plug-in and also work with the ADempiere database to pull out the contact detail, this recipe focuses on setting up the right environment for the work. We will install the development tools for Thunderbird and for ADempiere integration.

How to do it This recipe uses the latest 3. Set up your favorite e-mail account in it. Chapter 10 3. Click on the Tools Add-ons menu and add the following add-ons: ff DOM Inspector ff JavaScript Debugger On the Extensions screentext style tab, verify that the add-ons have been added, as shown in the following screenshot.

Verify that the entries are created in the Tools menu of Thunderbird for the newly installed add-ons. E-mail Integration with Mozilla Thunderbird 5. The DOM Inspector window comes up. You shall see the DOM for the Thunderbird main window. Click on the Tools JavaScript Debugger menu. The JavaScript Debugger window comes up and you shall be able to open the source code of any file being shown in the Loaded Scripts tree.

Chapter 10 8. This recipe uses the latest version - 1. E-mail Integration with Mozilla Thunderbird If XAMPP was installed properly, you shall see the following screen: These steps pretty much set up the complete development environment for us.

Extending the Thunderbird toolbar Now that we have got the environment ready, in this recipe, we will see how we can build a simple add-on for Thunderbird, install it, and use it. Getting ready Verify that the complete environment is set up as per the steps outlined in the previous recipe. Chapter 10 How to do it Create the following folders within it: ff content ff locale ff en-US ff skin 3.

Create the mail-bar3-overlay.



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