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It is a privilege and confers an obligation to serve. Airmen may be considered for reenlistment or extension if they meet eligibility requirements, have qualities essential for continued service and can perform duty in a career field in which the Air Force has a specific need. Airmen non-selected for reenlistment will separate on their current date of separation and will not be extended for any reason other than appeal processing.

CJR limitations are established to manage projected surpluses and shortages by skill. There are no exceptions or waivers to exceed the months. Extensions are not approved for monetary advantage, to increase bonus entitlement, to provide additional time to make a career decision or deferring separation to coincide with civilian plans or to apply for a CJR or request retraining.

The bonus is intended to encourage the reenlistment of sufficient numbers of qualified enlisted personnel in military skills with either demonstrated retention shortfalls or high training costs.

Airmen can expect to serve in the SRB specialty for the entire enlistment for which the bonus was paid. Airmen do not qualify for the SRB if they reenlist or extend their enlistments for any purpose other than continued active service in the SRB skill.

Airmen are not eligible for an SRB if they reenlist or enter an extension in order to get required retainability for a commissioning program after the selection date. However, HAF may determine the need to make changes during the year and release a listing upon that decision.

For information on bonus amounts, contact your local finance office. Armed Forces to perform the ceremony. Reenlistments can be conducted on any day of the year and traditionally have the U. The reenlisting Airman and reenlisting officer must wear an authorized uniform for the ceremony, although the uniform requirement is optional for retired officers.

The Air Force physical training uniform is not authorized when conducting a reenlistment. Airmen must reenlist at their home station unless they are absent due to deployment, hospitalization or are in a pipeline status school, overseas returnee, etc.

In addition, Airmen must be present for duty and cannot reenlist while on leave.


AFI 36-2606 PDF




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