Gulrajas Correct Issue Close Wizard. Offer AccuSource Electronics is always happy to consider reasonable offers on our test instruments. Unable to Process Request Your offer was received but we are unable to process it for the following reason: Please contact us via email or toll free at and we will be happy to agileent you with this request. Standard accessories supplied by the original manufacturer No manuals or accessories required Other specify Will you accept an instrument with minor cosmetic and physical flaws if it operates properly?

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Custom-Cal has a high success rate in the repair of the Keysight Agilent B. We specialize in quick turnaround times and we can handle expedited deliveries upon request. This is key for characterizing DWDM components and multiple channel systems, especially in a manufacturing environment where speed, accuracy, and throughput are critical.

Wavelength Range: nm to nm. Wavelength Span Range: 0. Price does not in most cases include measurement performance data. Pricing does include NIST traceable calibration and issue of a calibration certificate and calibration label. Pricing may vary slightly due to volume and location of laboratory supporting calibration.

Volume pricing may apply. On-site fees may apply depending on logistics, location and volume of work to be completed during the visit. Related Optical Terms and Definitions. Absolute Wavelength Accuracy Absolute Wavelength Accuracy is the maximum difference between the actual wavelength and the displayed wavelength of the Optical Source. Wavelength is defined as wavelength in vacuum. Decibel dB A unit of measurement of optical power which indicates relative power.

A dB means a reduction in power by 10 times, dB means another 10 times or times overall, means another 10 times or times overall and so on. Nanometer nm A unit of measure used to measure wavelength of light, meaning one one-billionth of a meter Relative Intensity Noise RIN Relative intensity noise RIN , describes the instability in the power level of a laser.

The noise term is important to describe lasers used in fiber-optic communication and LIDAR remote sensing. Total Return loss In an optical fiber, the loss that takes place at any discontinuity of refractive index, especially at an air-glass interface such as a fiber endface, at which a fraction of the optical signal is reflected back toward the source.





Keysight Agilent HP 86142B Optical Spectrum Analyzer 30 Day


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