You have to understand something important for your future debates: Christianity is not built upon the bible, but JESUS himself!! But no matter what you hit in christianity, doesnt matter!! Thats what he said about himself he is the corner stone. Dont get me wrong, The bible is the word of God Sophie said

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You have to understand something important for your future debates: Christianity is not built upon the bible, but JESUS himself!! But no matter what you hit in christianity, doesnt matter!! Thats what he said about himself he is the corner stone. Dont get me wrong, The bible is the word of God Sophie said Wow, this was a good debate.

Enjoyed it a lot. He told a couple of flattering stories about Mo but gave no sources. The rest of the time he simply bashed Christianity, really, despite everyone in the room knowing this tactic is a fallacy. Something I actually found rather disturbing was Ali on Aisha: 1. She was a confident girl, so she must have been reasonably happy to have sex with an old man. Is your mother 9 years old, Ali? Rob Hoey said David--you were spectacular in the debate.

Ali, as I predicted, used an ad hominem approach because there is just no way Islam can be defended if you know about the idea of abrogation and sharia law.

I think your work is great, and this is coming from an atheist who is open-minded to the argument presented. Q said Have a great Christmas. God never told anyone to rape women. I usually never answer any lies about God but this one is simply disgusting. He should be ashamed of such a disgusting lie. If a man found a woman he liked among the captured women, he was to marry her. May 9, at PM Anonymous said Acts 3 shows Deuteronomy is about Jesus not muhammad and it says this prophet would be among your bretheren.

Since Moses is speaking to Israelites, he obviously means this prophet in Deuteronomy was going to be an Israelite. Ishmael and the other children of concubines were sent to the east to be apart from Isaac. Ishmael became a pagan nation and cut himself out of the Israelite promises. May 31, at PM Anonymous said Is The LORD hath made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God Evolution Debunked said Ahmad Deedat.

I believe in a new debate Ali would use these arguments not again. It was very embarrassing to see how he always skip to the OT when he was in trouble and avoiding very carefully to compare Jesus with Muhammad. He always come up with the prophets of the OT.

Maybe David, you can ask him the next time what the divine name of the biblical God is. Then ask him or he did know what the name of Jesus means, Jesus in which he also believes. The name Jesus means Yahweh is God. Even the Quran contains the name of Jesus aka Isa. I often use this argument against muslims and when i showed them this they got really speechless. Just a tip. Anonymous said December 28, at PM Anonymous said Pip, you are incorrect.

Jesus had no problem with the Old Testament itself; in fact, in Matthew , Jesus affirmed the authority of the "Law and The Prophets" what we call the OT today , claimed that He is the fulfillment of them, and then said that "not one jot or tittle" would pass from them until all is fulfilled. What Jesus condemned were the extra-Biblical Jewish traditions such as those found in the Mishnah and Talmud.

These were commentaries that rabbis had written up as a way to interpret the Old Testament. However, these commentaries began to be falsely equated with the Law when Jesus came, and they contradicted Scripture in several places, so Jesus had to correct them.

None of those traditions, however, found their way into the Torah itself; they were, and still are, kept separate from the Old Testament. As for the verse in Jeremiah , Sam Shamoun wrote an article about this , where he concluded that "a careful examination of the context in Jeremiah shows that the verse Jeremiah does not speak of a textual corruption by the scribes that left us only with a corrupted Torah.

The Torah always was and continued to remain accessible. The issue was severe misinterpretations. It is true that some of the Jews prior to the fall of Jerusalem in BC had gotten mixed up in the zodiac as indicated by Jeremiah. However, when the Jews came back from the captivity under Ezra, they fully returned to the Law of Moses and rid themselves of corruption. They removed any corrupting influences such as the pagan wives that some of the Jewish men had married during their Babylonian captivity.

Unknown said Thanks for posting. Nice defense by Ali. Hi David I recently saw a video of Ataie making some very very bad claims about Islamic Spain and I wanted to respond to him about them.

As you debated him I was hoping you had his email so I could email him my response. I looked on his website but cannot find it anywhere. If you do not want to give it out to somebody you do not know perhaps you could just pass on my response to his utter lies. That is not true.

The inquisition just investigated fake Jewish and Islamic converts to Christianity alone not those who had not converted. There were many fake converts who converted out of expediency after the success of the reconquista. Yes what they did was wrong but this is not wholesale murder that is a pure dawah lie.

What about the Cordoba massacre of Jews? What about the massacre of jews in Fez Morocco by the Moors? What about the Pogrom in Fez which killed thousands or the later pogrom which was so vicious that it left only 11 Jews alive. Bearing in mind all this who are you to call it a paradise or complain about the inquisition you hypocrite!


Can Paul Be Trusted? Ali Ataie vs. Sound Christian Scholarship (#2)

It does help transcend a surface level or erroneous understanding on the part of those who are unaware of Islam as well as those who are its detractors. For the Muslim the lecture will be beneficial in contextualising Islam in the Abrahamic tradition. The term Christian was first introduced as a derogatory term. Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are indeed Muslims; those whom submit their wills to God.


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