Start your review of Amphigorey Amphigorey, 1 Write a review Shelves: graphic-novels , Hark, dear readers, for this book is dark and full of terrors! Amphigorey is composed of 15 tales that are nonsensical, rattling, and ghastly. Should you decide to read this, be wary of the dark side for it might satisfy the macabre in you. The Unstrung Harp - 4 stars A fascinating story and perhaps a valuable commentary written by the writer the author in dedication to other writers and would-be writers about a writer Mr.

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Dodd, Mead. The recent rise of the picture-book has paradoxically come about as a result of the decline of book illustration in the past half century. In the 19th century, novels had both pictures and conversations; the secondariness, if not the unseriousness, of books with pictures began to emerge amid a cluster of cultural facts, connected by ways which Marshall McLuhan, Walter Benjamin, and Harold Rosenberg, for example, might variously chart: the spread of still and motion photography, the triumph of Parisian art over academic and illustrative traditions, dogmas of literary modernism about pure and unpropped texts, and so forth.

Its replacement by photomechanical processes, Aldous Huxley once pointed out, put thousands of competent and uninventive engravers out of work and cruelly saddled them with the burden of originality—they all had to become artists—for the translation of pictures into prints was to be accomplished without need of their skills.

The peculiar pictorial qualities of wood-engraving—adaptable as the process was to so many idioms—took on during the decades following its decline a predictable sequence of auras, evoking by turns the Old Fashioned, the Sentimental, the Grotesque, the Ludicrous. But in our own day, a major graphic artist has been maintaining a deep romantic under-standing with Victorian illustration for nearly twenty years. Edward Gorey is no mere pasticheur, and yet most of his work is trivially or deeply parodic.

His pseudo-Victorian fictions and verses provide materials to illustrate in pseudo-Victorian ways, and yet his originality is profound. In the subsequent twenty years, Gorey has produced about thirty-five more books, with texts variously in prose and verse. His earlier volumes—such as the collection of limericks The Listing Attic ; the alphabetic horror verses of The Fatal Lozenge and The Gashlycrumb Tinies with its series of Disasters Befalling the Young; that marvelous pseudonymous formal parody, totally devoid of erotic content, of tatty British pornography of the Evelyn Waugh period, The Curious Sofa—have all been unobtainable for some time.

This whole collection is invaluable in giving us the heart of the Gorey canon, and in putting together enough of his work to allow his artistic stature and role properly to emerge.

Although his genre of text-and-picture is not unlike that of the 19th-century German humorist Wilhelm Busch, his work is neither that popular nor that vulgar; Gorey writes and draws for the educated ear and eye. The Remembered Visit, here reprinted, is totally straightforward. The Object-Lesson itself is a most typical work. They may also observe the sad necessities of reduced offset reproduction, which have coarsened the drawn, mock-engraved lines of many of the early books The Unstrung Harp suffers particularly in this respect , but Gorey has redone the text, letter-press in the original edition, in the calligraphy used throughout the rest of his oeuvre.

A second collected Gorey volume, including such central works as The Gilded Bat about a ballet dancer , The Blue Aspic, and one of my own favorites, The Deranged Cousins, will, when published, help to delineate even more clearly the boundaries of his imaginative domain. It still seems to me to be at its best in the catalogued nastinesses of The Fatal Lozenge, viz.

He only fails in one way and I find this rather touching : while his Anglicized spelling is as singularly correct in these verses as elsewhere e.



Dennoch lernte er weitgehend im Selbststudium zu zeichnen; nach dem Abschluss der High School besuchte er lediglich ein Semester lang samstags einen Lehrgang am Art Institute of Chicago. Gorey starb am Dennoch ist der Gesamteindruck von Goreys Geschichten nicht tragisch, sondern aufgrund des ironischen Untertons komisch. Die furchtbaren Konsequenzen des kindlichen Ungehorsams erwecken bei Gorey stets einen normalen und wenig tragischen Eindruck.


Edward Gorey



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