Peligroso ang bawat panig. Walang batas na gumagabay sa delicadeza, nasa purview ito ng kagandahang asal. At tulad ng sinasambit ni Caparas, na siya ang tunay na artista ng bayan dahil galing siya sa masa at tinatangkilik siya ng masa, makauring diskurso rin ang pagbanggit ng delicadeza. Sino ba ang nagsasabi kung ano ang prim and proper? Kaninong pamantayan ba alinsunod ang dekorum na kahilingan ng delicadeza?

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It brought me back to the world of story books I used to visit when I was way, way back younger. So I went, oo nga, parang kelan lang. Perhaps, the teacher is already tired seeing her name on my classmates papers.

Raquel and her mysterious, well, at first, and undoubtedly fantastic, for her cousin, hair is indeed remarkably wonderful. I love the way the story unfolds. Our physical and chemical composition, that is beyond our total understanding. The child will learn courage, that is, which is greatly portrayed by Raquel.

How she tried to make life worth living and her way of treating her sickness is good to emphasize. And of course, the story was pro-Chenelyn and her kind. I admire most her kasipagan and how she gets the things at the house perfectly and immediately done, very typical of a Filipino yaya who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the family they serve.

It made me remember another story about a little girl whose mother is a maid of another little girl and she wished that her mother is her own maid, so that the mother will attend to her needs and not to the needs of the other child. Quite funny but still touching. I wonder for whom Chenelyn is working for. That is fairly evident when Chenelyn got sick and the whole family started to care for her.

Rosamistika of Rosamistika by C. Bellen Another character worthy to be introduced to children is Rosamistika. The story tries to tell the reader about the importance of the parents, and the blessing they could be to children.

As for the main character, she teaches us the power of being kind-hearted despite of the wickedness this world is trying to give us. Rosamistika made me realize that goodness is innate. For if goodness is acquired from the environment solely, Rosamistika would have been hard-hearted and rebellious.

But instead, she is still giving to the needy and still full of hope. She even had the guts to go to the fair or carnival and never return home. I can only infer that she stayed in the church with the good people. She teaches us to believe and to emulate the act of giving. I think They are not my favorites anymore. But they are indeed successful in teaching values to the readers. But then, I have to choose my top three least admired characters and so I had to make an in depth analysis of their roles and their influence to the mind of the children.

The way the story was written is comical and yet full of sense. Maybe for other, the story would sound very far from reality but I was able to relate it with our society, well particularly with the story of saints or even the life of Jesus Christ. Both stories have the same flow. Butsiki was born with a star on its forehead and a shining, shimmering fingernails. And the end of the story showed how Butsiki was made into lechon, Christ however was crucified. This is only the faulty measure I can say about the story, that it awake the overt condition of the mind of the reader and making them associate Christ with a pig, whose a little different from other pigs.

We are humans and thus far from being pigs literally, but the representation can be made still. My only concern is that this may affect the thinking process of the child and say therefore that even pigs can be saints. I think this story should be for adult reading, or am I just being too critical about it?

Maria of Mariang Alimango There is nothing wrong with Maria. Of course, we Filipinos love drama, and fantasy, but I really, really, really appreciate originality. It seems to me that our version of a fairy godmother is nothing but a crab.

Why not a snail? But I do like the illustrations of the book. Tiktaktok and Pikpakbom Nice names. For one, I do not really appreciate the character of the bad dog, Pikpakbom. It is hot-headed, naughty, and selfish.

Tiktaktok for me is fine. What made me think a bit weird is that, Pikpakbom is actually dying because of the spoiled meat. I thought dogs and cats have these mechanism inside their bodies which makes spoiled food still safe for them. Of course, it may not be very well-known to children.


Unang Baboy Sa Langit

An angel in the form of a rabbit, appears to her and tells her that instead of the standard twelve piglets, she will have only one—the Takdang Baboy. The angel tells her that she must name the piglet Butsiki. The Takdang Baboy, or TB for short, will save the pig race from certain destruction. Ponyang and husband Kardo become afraid, for the Punong Baboy who wished to sell all their lands to the mining industry ordered pregnant pigs who exhibited odd behavior to be poisoned. The Punong Baboy had heard of the TB prophecy, and was threatened by it. Ponyang gave birth in another town, and Butsiki was visited by her very own version of the three kings: a dog, a cat, and a mouse. Months later, they return to Babuyan Islands, where things are not looking up.


da-da-da-de-da-da ♫

Showing of 1 reviews. They can prevent it by cleaning their environment. Reese Rose rated it it was ok Oct 31, After some time, Lsngit floated lahgit the air and went to heaven. The Big-Pig was also angry because Butsiki is teaching the pig community to dream for a better and cleaner place to live, he is teaching the pigs to be clean which is for Big Pig is against their laws and nature.


Ang unang baboy sa langit

Cleanliness as tribute to Mother Earth by: Isabelle Ocier Whoever thought that a pig could turn out to be cleaner than us humans? I mean, think about it. Pigs, those fat pink hairy creatures we usually see rolling about in the mud. Yeah, those guys. But in spite of all these misconceptions, I was actually able to sit back and enjoy the play.

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