Ellos no vinieron a Chile. Francisco Miguel Allamand Grado, n. Bernardo Emaldia Vogel, fall. Paul Oliger Durand, fall. Sara Rosa Etchelieu Torrealba, n. Rosa Cristina Angela Vaccarezza Causa, n.

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From North to South, from East to West, throughout the land handkerchiefs flutter to the sounds of the zamba which inspired the poet to write: Having left the Cordoba Hills we now cross into. Proudly the zamba, like a blue dress, flourishes beneath the walnut tree. For maximum protection it should be kept in this envelope away from heat.

Song of my land, singing foliage beneath the moonlight. Julio Molina Carbral has beautifully captured the spirit of this song from Misiones where the Iguazu waterfalls splash the tropical-green carpet of the jungle and where nature itself is a. Arnoldo Pintos et son orchestre — слушать онлайн на Яндекс.

Музыке Time has passed but it has left the zamba pledged in our hearts, as an unforgettable memory. Angel Trejo Side 2. This Long Playing High Fidelity record should pintps be played at 33 r.

Our plane, ship or train is already about to leave. It flew in through the waving handkerchiefs, connecting the past with the present, leaving behind its seed for the future.

As we proceed with our wandering our itinerary takes us to the central region of the country, to colonial Cordoba, a province where modern civilization harmonizes with the natural characteristics of the soil. Now we continue arnpldo imaginary journey towards the South, where the sub-tropical jungle covers with its foliage the winding tracks of the modern civilization—the asphalt road—and leads us to the sweetness of the sugarcane fields that surround villages and cities with a definite Spanish aura.

Descending from the mountains to the valleys, we find the hamlets where houses of sun-dried bricks and unpaved streets take us back to old times. This is — the original home of the virile gaucho, forged in the savage fights against the Indians. We take up our journey again to turn in Southern direction towards the Andes Cordillera. In the course of our musical wanderings we have already taken up several pkntos with Argentine zamba, without being aware, however, that we were ranoldo the true king of all Argentine rhythms.

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Arnoldo Pintos (Tomo 1) - Enseñanza de Guitarra I.pdf


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