Lots more information and full-color installation photos in these 5 documents, so please check them out. In addition to getting better brew temperature control, I wanted to have better steam temperature control than the standard Silvia offers. This controller does the job. It also comes with a "pre-infusion" option, which is maligned or desired, depending on your preference. The Auber kit is meant for installation between the group head and the steam wand, so comes with an aluminum "project box" with double stick tape.

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Mezijinn An alternate location would certainly work. With this level of silia control, you will no longer need to surf the temperature for frothing, because the heater will kick on much sooner than the original thermostat. The kit includes 20 different types of parts that would cost substantially more if purchased slvia 26 pieces total. No need for special tools. Download Manual User Login Required.

However, if you have a model made between and Maywe can supply the kit with a screw type RTD sensor for better performance. Compared to silviz the controller and components separately, this kit is a great value. Just got mine 2 weeks ago but the cover for the grouphead the chrome painted plastic ailvia peeling off. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this. The instructions with the kit are great, I had no problems at all.

You have the basic idea correct, start ailvia bit before the thermostat turns off the heater so that the heater stays on during steaming. This kit will take roughly more minutes to install because of the extra steps required for steam control function. Home Forum Log In. My initial thought is that I would go without the steam control piid just watch the temperature indicator to see when the light switched off. The only work needed either has to be done during installation or is difficult to ship pre-assembled.

Free FedEx 2day Shipping! Please specify if you want it set differently. Custom manufactured PID temperature controller with parameters set for the machine. My technique works like this: Home Forum Log In. We use color coded cables with either fluoropolymer or silicone insulation. Did you have much adjustments to make? Small Box forand All the cables in the kit have higher temperature endurances than the original cables used by the manufacturer.

No need to learn how to set up the PID controller usually, this is the most challenging part of the project for espresso drinkers with no control engineering background. Platinum RTD temperature sensor. It not only offers better performance but also saves you time and money. Solid state relay with mounting hardware and heat conductive paste. The platinum RTD temperature sensor is more accurate and has greater long-term stability than most thermocouple sensors.

I think Slvia will go with the delux model without the steam control. Purge wand of water at C 3. With a custom made enclosure, the controller can be mounted between the group head and steam wand without interfering with their function.

Not great solution but not sure if any way around this — other then putting the PID in a different location. Hopefully I will get it soon after my new machine. I doubt the model 3-hole tip on the Silvia will work as well. Turn on steam 2. Fig 1 is the temperature response curve. The 2 models I am looking at are from Auber Instruments. Thus, it will significantly improve the taste of your espresso.

BTW, I really like the kit. The installation is completely reversible if you ever want to sell the machine or send it in for servicing. Most Related.


Rancilio Silvia PID






Auber Instruments


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