Well, there just might be. Sitting comfortably? Gone are the days where the old, inefficient Bermuda back boilers and fires ruled the day, but despite this, the brand is still going strong, and now they are producing modern, high efficiency A-rated boilers you can rely on — with parts readily available in the UK. Next, for the 1PF, check the left side of the orange thermostat knob, as there should be a red overheat thermostat; press this and that should reset the boiler.

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Has any one else had problems with Baxi Boilers? Click to expand Yes I have with a HE that is now sitting in my garage. At under three year old I have had it taken out and replaced with a Worcester Bosch 28i Junior. I had the pressure problem described above and called out a service engineer not BAXI and was told that it was a common problem with the instant model. He suspected the expansion box at the back an orange thing in some sort of cladding with a "car tyre" valve on the top.

My pressure would drop to zero and appear to recharge OK with the little tap but then after a short while it would climb to 2. He would not touch the repair as to change the expansion vessel meant the boiler had to come out and be put back with all the commissioning etc. His advice was to sign up for a BAXI maintenance contract then report the fault. I asked about his WB boilers and he told me about them and left a brochure.

For interest sake I asked him to quote me for a replacement but with a less than three year old BAXI this was kind of a throw away thing to do. OK it is still virtually brand new so the pressure has not wavered and this with all the same heating and DHW plumbing exactly as it was. I hear that the HE is no longer in production and I have to say I have my own suspicions about why!

What to do with or about the HE is my next problem!


Baxi combi instant 105e boiler. Water pressure/hot water issues....need advice.

Faulty case or terminal seal 1. Ensure the outer case is correctly positioned. Failure to follow instructions with regards to openable windows and doors 2. Re-site the appliance.


5 Common Faults of a Baxi Boiler and How to Fix Them


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