The characters[ edit ] All the characters belong to a semi-rural mofasshal town of Paschimpara in West Bengal , India. The younger characters live in a hostel of a boarding school. The teachers of the school are rarely seen but the headmaster is sometimes depicted. The superintendent and the staff of the hostel are often picturized.

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The stories featuring in the comic strips focusses on the trivial lives of the title characters, Nonte and Phonte, along with a school-senior, Keltuda, and their Hostel Superintendent.

The comics have appeared in book form and have been recreated since in colour. A popular animation series based on the characters has also been filmed. The superintendent and the staff of the hostel are often picturized. All of the characters have whimsical nicknames that add to the amusement of the readers. Fonte Edit Fonte is a year-old boy, wearing a blue shirt, shorter crew-cut hair. He is similar to Nonte in physical appearance though neither are related to each other. They seem to think alike as well.

Nonte Edit Nonte is immediately distinguishable year-old boy, wearing orange shirt, from Fonte due to his longer hair and a tuft of hair sticking out from the back of his head. Apart from that, in terms of character development, both characters are similar in appearance and mannerisms. In one comic strip the reader learns that he has failed the class six times and the governing body of the school wants to get rid of him. He is shown variously as having curly hair and a stubby nose and is a bit taller and stronger than Nonte and Phonte.

Often he threatens and coaxes them into doing work for him but invariably gets busted. He also rats on the other students to curry favor with the superintendent and is in general quite boastful.

He is the only student who is said to be in the list of good students of Superintendent and is often insulted by the Superintendent sir.

Although, there are some stories where they all work together which is very rare and can be found in only two or three stories. The Superintendent Hatiram Pati Edit The year-old hostel superintendent is an obese balding man who loves to eat and discipline his students.

He is shown as not being particularly courageous, lazy, and greedy. He definitely enjoys corporeal punishment and canes the students often. Usually he is the butt of most pranks.

He is always heckled by the students. Thakur Edit Thakur is a year-old man, who he is servant of his owner The Superintendent. He likes to dance in his house with radio. Often the compulsion behind an action is to eat a good meal or to stash away some goodies, something many who have lived in hostels in India or elsewhere may be able to relate to. In many of the earlier strips and comic books, Nonte and Phonte do not always get along.

They may fight but often some good comes to a bystander under amusing circumstances. The superintendent is a loathsome, corrupt, and lazy individual who believes in beating the students. However, he is usually tricked by Keltuda and then ultimately deceived by Nonte and Phonte in the end of many story panels and decides to thrash Keltuda.

Keltuda is usually quite greedy and malicious towards Nonte and Phonte. Many times, he succeeds in getting the duo into trouble but they always get back at him sometime. He comes off as being extremely clever, but in each story this cleverness is invariably revealed as being foolhardiness. In some cases, they are friends with Keltuda and the three of them do good things, or get in trouble.

The series however discontinued due to poor production values and low TRPs.


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