Advertisement - Article continues below In standalone mode the main functions of the are traffic inspection, classification and bandwidth management. An optional extra is compression between two PacketShapers so application specific traffic can be reduced allowing more WAN resources to be freed up. You can sit back and enjoy this for a while as the appliance defaults to discovery mode which you need to run for a few days so it can get a good feel for WAN utilisation. Advertisement - Article continues below The Sky Dashboard provides two big pie charts showing inbound and outbound traffic classifications in real-time so the segments are constantly changing.

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PacketShaper lets you measure network application performance, categorize and manage web traffic based on its content, guarantee quality-of-service QoS for preferred applications and content, and contain the impact of undesirable traffic.

Critical applications need to move at the speed of business. With PacketShaper, you can monitor and control application performance — even web-connected applications — while managing the increasing volume of web traffic based on content categories.

Own it. Does your network know the difference between important web traffic like online meetings, and lower-priority traffic like games or streaming media? Your security solution might block entire categories of content, such as gambling or pornography, but how do you control everything else? Prioritize important applications like Oracle and SAP. Assure quality for VoIP and videoconferencing.

Contain recreational traffic to any level you specify. PacketShaper analyzes and positively identifies traffic generated by hundreds of business and recreational applications. For example, you can permit low-impact social networking like Facebook status updates, but squeeze time-wasting games like FarmVille.

PacketShaper makes it easy to collectively control related applications and content, while giving you precise tools to get granular where necessary. Features: Monitoring: Identify and classify applications, web content, and web threats.

Monitor performance in real time and gather the evidence you need to solve performance issues. Before you can optimize application performance, you need an accurate picture of network traffic. The Monitoring Module, which delivers the core functionality of PacketShaper, automatically classifies and measures network traffic by application and — in the case of web traffic — by content category. This unmatched visibility into network traffic gives you the insight of a probe but with far more sophistication.

In addition to reporting on network and application utilization and performance, the Monitoring Module validates common protocols and tracks what happens to each connection established by any application. As the proportion of web-based traffic continues to increase, PacketShaper provides invaluable management of web-connected applications such as Facebook, YouTube, and WebEx. All web content requested by users is categorized under logical headings such as Collaboration, Games, and Social Networking.

This latest advance in web content control and web threat visibility helps you assess the impact of recreational traffic, security threats such as malware and phishing, and undesirable content that can raise legal and compliance concerns. Once traffic has been identified, PacketShaper monitors performance — over stats per application class — in real time. PacketShaper tracks the bandwidth consumed by applications and web content categories, the response times of key applications by network and server delay, and key stats like TCP health, efficiency and retransmissions to aid in troubleshooting.

PacketShaper also powers targeted packet traces for use with protocol analysis tools. Real-time performance metrics include mean opinion score MOS , jitter, delay, and loss for voice and video conferencing traffic over RTP. All these capabilities can integrate into your performance management environment, providing intelligent thresholds and alerts when problems are about to occur. Shaping: PacketShaper does more than just monitor and measure. The Shaping Module provides powerful QoS tools to protect preferred applications and web content categories while containing the impact of undesirable traffic.

With PacketShaper, you can: Guarantee bandwidth to latency-sensitive applications such as voice, video and Blue Coat Allow access to social network sites like Facebook, but limit bandwidth to games like Farmville. Control the impact of acceptable but lower priority web traffic on businesscritical applications. With patented TCP rate control, the Shaping Module can guarantee per-flow bandwidth and automatically enforce appropriate transfer rates for computers at the far end of the network to deliver bidirectional QoS.

Protect the best, contain the rest. Align network content with your priorities by speeding up or slowing down applications and web content categories.

Compression: Reclaim wasted bandwidth from existing physical links. Enhance the user experience. Some types of network traffic make inefficient use of available bandwidth. By optimizing traffic in real time, the Compression Module instantly increases WAN capacity, improving application performance and user response times. Using a symmetric, applicationintelligent architecture, the Compression Module identifies compressible traffic and applies the appropriate compression technology, increasing capacity from two to four times, reducing bandwidth usage, and minimizing WAN latency.

PacketShaper Series Specifications:.


Blue Coat Systems

It cached website objects that users were likely to use repeatedly, to increase load speed. The editor said it had "excellent performance", a "plug-and-go" setup, and "good management tools. The review noted that its "most noteworthy features" were its DNS caching and object pipelining techniques, which allowed page data to be delivered in parallel, rather than sequential, streams. Shares rose fivefold on its first day of trading. However, the company was not profitable and its product was unproven. The appliance sat behind corporate firewalls to filter website traffic for viruses , worms and other harmful software.


Blue Coat PacketShaper 12000 review


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