How is it that I can both "be" one, and yet endeavor to be one at the same time? When and where does my being a lesbian come into play, when and where does this playing a lesbian constitute something like what I am? To say that I "play" at being one is not to say that I am not one "really"; rather, how and where I play at being one is the way in which that "being" gets established, instituted, circulated, and confirmed. This not a performance from which I can take radical distance, for this is deep-seated play, psychically entrenched play, and this "I" does not play its lesbianism as a role. Rather, it is through the repeated play of this sexuality that the "I" is insistently reconstituted as a lesbian "I" We see her own, experiential sense of how being a lesbian is differently important according to context e.

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Is there a materiality prior to significations and forms? The argument: 1 Gendered body is a performative: it has no ontological status part from the very acts that constitute its reality.

These enactments signify our that very interior absence that needs to be filled. Thus, corporeality of signs, discursive means etc. In more layman terms, we think our desires, gestures and acts are innately psychological — i. Implications: As a corollary then, A subjects will be amnesiac towards the very discursive acts of political regulations and disciplinary practices that produce these phantasmic empty shells that needs to be gendered into realization. B Inner truth of gender is a fabrication that is C instituted and inscribed on the surface of bodies.

If B and C then, D Neither hetero- genders are true. They are all effects of discourses. They are constructs. What the drag does? He is essentially a double subversion which blatantly declares that all appearances that we see or think true are illusive.

Also, b his body is masculine but his inside is feminine. Both are antinomies that are true but contradict one another and hence, have an subversive effect i. What can we see from the drag? Why is the drag an effective subversion?

But Butler says that what is really going on is not the two dimensions i. He does not stronger sense: fails to identify with his gender identity and performatively, acts and performs the identity of the woman. The drag is a parody of the very notion of an original core Butler GT pp. But their very failure of imitating shows that the original identity of man or woman itself needs to be constantly re-enacted and performed it is a performative.

If so, it shows that the original itself is a performative construction. It is has no origins we cannot seek it by retracing its historicity or causality but it is sustained by imitating itself i. The body is a product of regulations within a cultural matrix of gender hierarchy and compulsory heterosexuality. These compel our belief in the necessity and naturalness Butler GT pp. The abiding gendered self will then be shown to be structured by repeated acts that seek to approximate the ideal of a substantial ground of identity, but which in their occasional discontinuity, reveal the temporal and contingent groundlessness of this ground.

There is only a synchronic performative repetition in this or that temporality right here and now. In this respect then, if it is in the very nature of our faculties to function this way, i. The project to make Gender be seen as something contingent, groundless wholly exteriorized to the social-political i. How then can Butler account for coherence and order without the I? Will she be saying or is she saying that all the exterior floating public discourses, acts etc.

Is that a tenable claim to make? That there is some sense of causal order is something I think even Butler cannot refute. Anyone who tries to deny that we at least apparently observe some form of causal order regardless of whether there actually is or not is another matter is delusional.

Butler GT pp. Who creates these regulations but the creative man? They all seem to not realize that most of our knowledge begins with empirical experience of the world but not all of it. Posted by.


Bodily Inscriptions, Performative Subversions (Section 4 of ‘Subversive Bodily Acts')

I mean, maybe she likes being that way. Faith tells Joyce the reason for her behavior is a result of insanity because that is how she thinks others view her. But Joyce, intuitive and intelligent mother that she is, sees deeper into Faith than she herself can. It is this same insight that allows Joyce to perceive the disjunction between the body that is Buffy and the personality which inhabits it. Once Faith is alone, she retires to the bathroom to get comfortable in her new skin. She spends some time speaking into the mirror, role-playing as Buffy.





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