Sony introduces two new additions to its line-up More information. Designed for conference and classrooms Entry Level Installation projector M Series Designed for conference and classrooms A powerhouse projector packed with essential features Essential Features for Educational Facilities Plug and Play intuitive More cakmic. TTL positive or negative Display Mode In addition to selling the features and benefits of our unique product line, they provide onsite demonstrations and formal classroom training for video and audio products. We are here to help put together any system, any project for you. No questions sprco found here.

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These cameras are not in a housing. When a lens can see a long distance with great detail. Useful for discreet and hidden applications as well as when a large depth of field is required.

Plug and play ease of installation. The distorted hemispherical image of the fisheye camera will be converted. This camera can zoom in and out. Send products to e-mail: Displays the video signal. Useful for concealing and building into custom applications. RJ45 female to female coupler D. Camera is adjustable within the housing for perfect aiming. The lack of active IR LEDs on these cameras reduces current requirements, reflectivity issues and heat build-up.

Circuitry in a color camera that allows it to yield perfect color pictures in different types of lighting. Using sophisticated RF design. RGB analog or digital, 0. Sign in Register Email. Speci in Create account Orders Wish list Comparison list.

Specifications Dimensions Optional Kit. Plug and Play Projection. License Plate Recognition Cameras. Entry Level Installation projector M Series. The picture tube in a monitor CCD: Circuitry in a camera that allows it to improve performance in low spec conditions. These limits More information. Stay connected with your audience and be utmost effective and efficient in a collaborative learning More information. The size of CCD in a camera. Power cord, adapter, user s guide and audio cable included in the box with all monitors.

The smaller the number the more light that can enter. Using sophisticated RF design More information. Stay connected with your audience and be utmost eff ective and effi cient in a collaborative More information.

The opening in a lens that allows available light to enter the camera. A lens that can be set for various focal lengths to achieve select coverage. Flush mount box is secured with the use of four retaining clamps. Password Forgot your password? Experience increased productivity, enhanced collaboration and efficient More information. TOP Related Posts.


Speco CAMMIC Pre-Amplified Line Level Microphone for use with CCTV Cameras


EN 13698-1 PDF

Speco CAMMIC2 Surface Mount Line Level Microphone





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