There are a LOT of optional patches Problem 1. Why not make three different equally gaudy name tape color options availible to the membership. We can choose Pink, orange, or ultramarine. Options are an inherent enemy to a uniform uniform.

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Various combinations of CAP uniforms are authorized in order to allow for various climatic conditions, availability of uniforms, etc. All commanders must be mindful of the objective of attaining a neatly uniformed appearance at a minimum of personal expense to the individual member and will consequently refrain from imposing unreasonable uniform requirements.

Vanguard is the authorized vendor for CAP insignia. Members who buy uniform items from other vendors may not meet CAP regulations, and commanders may direct the removal of these items from the uniform if they do not meet standards for design, size, material, etc. Individuals may sew down unused pockets but no policy will be established to make it mandatory.

In the USAF-style uniform, authorized headgear will be worn while outdoors unless in an area designated as a no hat area by the local commander or equivalent. Members conducting fund raising activities will consult CAP fund raising directives on when it is appropriate to wear a uniform and what type of uniforms should be worn. Shall, will or must, when used in this publication indicates a mandatory requirement.

Should indicates a non-mandatory or preferred method of accomplishment nondirective. May indicates an acceptable or suggested means of accomplishment 1. Members indicate adult officers, NCOs and Cadets. In matters of interpretation, images and text should be interpreted together; however, the text provides the definitive standard for wear. CAP personnel are generally authorized to wear CAP uniforms to participate in CAP-sponsored activities such as unit meetings, training events, conferences, etc.

The appropriate uniform for a given activity is determined by the applicable commander or activity director using information found in Table 1. Region commanders, wing commanders, and activity directors may stipulate appropriate civilian clothes while traveling to and from events by ground, or during events not involving flight where it is appropriate to wear civilian clothes. CAP members attending a military or civilian event representing CAP must determine whether wear of the uniform is appropriate, must obtain their commanders permission to attend the event in uniform, and must wear the uniform most appropriate to the situation based on formality and the commanders direction.

Members will make every effort to comply with local installation uniform policy, or ask the CAP-Liaison Region, the CAP Wing Coordinator, or the installations public affairs office for guidance. Cadets may wear Class A or Class B with tie. In no case will BDUs, flight suits, or utility uniforms be worn. During Commercial Travel. Wear of working, field, or flight uniforms is not authorized. Those choosing to wear civilian clothing in lieu of a uniform when traveling on behalf of CAP when not otherwise required by paragraph 1.

Most foreign governments prohibit the wear of military uniforms by visitors. Members will not wear a CAP uniform in a foreign country except for members on orders to participate in the International Air Cadet Exchange or other international events for which National Headquarters NHQ has expressly authorized the wearing of the uniform.

At a meeting of, or sponsored by an organization, association, movement, or group the Attorney General of the United States has named as totalitarian, fascist, communist or subversive; 10 CAPM 26 JUNE advocates or approves acts of force or violence to deny others their rights under the Constitution of the United States; seeks to change the United States Government by unconstitutional means; while participating in public speeches, interviews, picket lines, marches or rallies or in any public demonstration when participation may imply USAF sanction of the cause.

At any public meeting, demonstration, march, rally or interview if the purpose may be to advocate, express or approve opposition to the Armed Forces of the United States.

Under any circumstance that would tend to bring discredit or reproach upon the 1. While furthering political activities, private employment or commercial interest. More than 1 hour following the close of the activity except for travel time to and from such activities for which the uniform is specified unit meetings, seminars, conferences, training activities, CAP Command Council meetings, etc.

When off base eating at restaurants where most diners wear business attire or at establishments that operate primarily to serve alcohol, do not wear utility type uniforms or the flight duty uniform. This is to avoid the perception of the misuse of government travel resources.

How Members Acquire Uniform Items. Vanguards CAP Store is accessible through www. Note: Vanguard may sell items as promotional items that are not authorized for wear with the uniform. This manual remains the governing document for CAPs uniforms and what is authorized to be worn. To be eligible to purchase from a clothing sales store, a member must present a current CAP membership card.

In the event a clothing sales store is not convenient to the member, purchases may be made by mail order. A supply of mail order requisition forms, a current price list, and pertinent information concerning mail order sales are contained in the Army and Air Force Exchange Service Military Clothing Mail Order Catalog.

Catalogs will be distributed to units only, not to individuals. A letter request or improvised form may be used in lieu of AAFES Form reflecting the following information: Name, rank, social security number, and unit of purchaser with statement of duty status CAP officer, NCO, or cadet member ; shipping address of purchaser; amount of payment enclosed; type of payment, that is, postal money order, cashiers check, etc. The requisition must be accompanied by a money order, certified check, or cashiers check made payable to Wright Patterson AFB Exchange.

Payment must be for the full amount of the requested purchase. The shipper will prepay shipping charges. Only uniform items may be ordered from the catalog. Commercial Sources.

All uniform items must display a USAF certification label. Members must be careful about buying from commercial sources. The articles may have been rejected by government buyers, may not conform to specifications, or may be in the process of being phased out.

Uniform items that do not meet USAF specifications are not authorized for wear. Articles made available normally consist of odd sizes or discontinued items. Members should always check with the unit logistics officer to determine if surplus items are available prior to purchasing uniform items. Free Cadet Uniform Voucher Program. Cadets should check with the unit commander or logistics officer to determine if USAF appropriated funds are available for procurement of uniforms prior to purchasing uniform items.

Adults without Grade. Adult individuals without grade will wear the dress uniform for the grade structure they are pursuing: officer or non-commissioned officer NCO. Unit commanders will monitor new individuals to ensure they comply with the requirements of this paragraph. Adult individuals without grade pursuing officer promotion will wear the USAF-style or Corporate-style uniform as for Officers without any rank insignia.

USAF-style Uniforms. With the Service Dress Uniform Class A , these individuals will wear the officer-style service coat, with sleeve braid, officer-style flight cap, US collar insignia, and gray epaulet sleeves without rank insignia. With the Blue Service Uniform Class B , these individuals will wear the officer style flight cap and gray epaulet sleeve without grade insignia.

On the Battle Dress Uniform, these individuals will wear CAP cutouts on ultramarine blue cloth centered one inch from the bottom edge on both sides of the collar.

These individuals will not wear Mess Dress. Corporate Style Uniforms. On the Corporate-style Field Uniform, no collar insignia or rank insignia on the hat will be worn. On the Aviator shirt, gray epaulets without grade insignia will be worn. On the Corporate-style FDU, no grade insignia will be worn on the namepatch. Adult individuals without Grade pursuing NCO promotions based on prior military services will wear the USAF-style uniform except Mess Dress, which is not authorized for individuals without grade and Corporate uniforms as for NCOs without wearing any grade insignia.

With the Service Dress Uniform Class A , these individuals will wear the service coat without epaulets, flight cap with blue braid, and NCO collar insignia. On the Battle Dress Uniform, these individuals will wear no insignia. On the Corporate-style Field Uniform, no collar insignia or grade insignia on the hat will be worn.

On the Aviator shirt, no grade insignia or collar devices will be worn. Responding to Requests for Religious Accommodation.

Guiding Principles. CAP has a substantial interest in standardized dress and appearance for members, particularly involving the USAF-style uniform. CAP has many members from many backgrounds and faith practices, and CAP supports the right of free exercise of religion as it directly relates to our Core Values and the ability to maintain an effective team.

As American culture becomes more diverse, issues of legality and compliance with Federal regulations may influence CAP uniform wear. In the CAP culture, uniforms and dress and appearance standards foster a strong sense of unit cohesion with consequent positive impact on morale, good order, and organizational focus. Additionally, these standards are a powerful symbol to the public, whose confidence in the military services in general and in military members in particular, is a function of all of the foregoing.

Member may request a waiver of Corporate-style uniform wear standards to permit wear of neat and conservative defined as, discreet, tidy, and not dissonant or showy in style, size, design, brightness, or color religious apparel.

Items may not temporarily or permanently be affixed or appended to any authorized article of the uniform. Members requiring a waiver should consider wearing the Corporate-style uniform. Submitting Requests for Religious Waivers. Members may submit a letter requesting wear of neat and conservative defined as, discreet, tidy, and not dissonant or showy in style, size, design, brightness, or color religious apparel for wear with the Corporate-style uniforms that may not be already authorized under the current regulations.

The request letter should include a photo or description of the requested waiver, any comments from the unit commander, and an explanation of the religious need for the item. Parents must endorse memoranda submitted by cadets. Responding to Requests. Wing commanders may not approve nor disapprove religious accommodation waiver requests.

The wing commander will direct the wing chaplain interview the member and, if a cadet, their parents to assess whether the waiver is in keeping with the doctrinal or traditional observances of the members faith.

The wing chaplain will provide those findings to the wing commander. Responsible for the CAP uniform program. Establishes dress and personnel appearance policy. Acts as the final approval authority for uniform changes or new uniform designs. Ensures compliance with appropriate USAF directives and ensures compliance with legal requirements. Serves as an advisor to the National Uniform Committee or appoints a designee. Oversees the day-to-day implementation of the CAP uniform policy.

Provides dress and appearance guidance to the membership in accordance with established uniform policy. Provides historic perspective on CAP uniform wear and development, advises on relationships with CAP uniform vendors, and provides counsel to Corporate and volunteer leadership. Administers the uniform waiver program under this manual.

Serves on the National Uniform Committee.


Updated CAPR 39-1



CAPM 39-1 Uniform Manual






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