Cassava peeling machine working process 4. Structure of cassava peeling machine Cassava peeling machine mainly composed of frame, upper cover, motor, reducer, brush roll, spraying system, transmission system, screw conveyor. Frame and upper cover are basic structure of cassava peeling machine, the upper cover can be opened, but when working, it is normally closed to ensure cassava not be polluted. Motor is used to provide power for cassava peeling mahcine.

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High peel retention 2. How to measure performance Root losses is the percentage of the useful part that was removed with the peel. The lower the root losses the better. Peel retention is the percentage of the peel that remains on the root after passing through the machine. The lower the peel retention, the better. Throughput is the amount of material passing through the peeling machine When examining throughput it is important to verify if the peeler operates in batch or continuous mode, and preference should be given to continuous one.

Peeling efficiency is sometimes given but can be misleading as it can be calculated in different ways. If a seller quotes the peeling efficiency of their machine, ask them to provide root losses, peel retention and throughput instead. Quality and safety All parts that come in direct contact with the roots should be constructed with food-grade stainless steel. Do not purchase equipment where food contact materials have been painted. All components of the belt drive should be enclosed under a safety guard.

Do not purchase an equipment that has exposed belts. Before buying a peeling machine answer these questions Are there strong reasons to invest in a cassava peeling machine instead of enhancing the peeling team working conditions?

Using the root losses provided by the manufacturer, have you calculated how many kilograms of cassava you will be losing per day, by using a peeling machine? Have you considered the cost of those losses? Considering the peel retention, provided by the manufacturer, have you costed the decline on product quality if you decide to process the root without removing the remaining peels? Are all parts that come in contact with food made out of food-grade stainless steel?

Are all belt drive components enclosed by a safety guard? Find equipment near you.

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