Start your review of Daaku Write a review Jun 21, Dakota Derrah rated it did not like it In the perilous and destructive life that was proclaimed in the synopses of the novel Daaku, I must say I was extremely let down with the lack of drama, fear, and climax in the promising story of an on the rise gangster. The novel started off head strong with a boy whose life was wildly besmirched by the age of twelve. The first few chapters that introduced the story held so much promise and excitement, but as the story went on, it seemed like the words were just strung together, and the story was completely lost. The rise in action was immediately followed up with a fall in action, meaning there was no climax. It was far to abrupt and I doubt it was even thought out. While I would like to give this book a 0.

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Keep up the great work and I hope to support these efforts even more in the near future. A man who is committed to social justice and the environment he works by day as a Paralegal … , whose identity is yet embedded in a conservative interpretation of Sikhism.

Thank you for your powerful and beautifully written book! Dhaliwal continues to be heavily involved in community and political activism and is often called upon locally and nationally to comment on community issues in the news, including CBC, CTV, Global, Omni, News Radio, CKNW, and numerous newspapers and magazines.

He has worked alongside police speaking at community forums; has lectured in high schools and universities on professional writing, and a wide variety of topics from bullying to organized crime; and, has presented at parenting groups. A leader in the community and a role model for youth, Dhaliwal encourages open dialogue between parents and their children.

Jasbir Sandhu, Member of Parliament — Ranj, you embody that ideal. Your work to rid our community of the scourge of gang activity and influence, especially among our young people, is truly magnificent. Keep this up! Thanks for all you do! He later stepped down to focus on making more tangible contributions to at-risk youth organizations, but continues to be involved in different capacities. Dhaliwal is part of a group who coordinates Sikh programs for youth and has been responsible for bringing Sikh leaders from India to tour various Sikh temples.

Because of his active involvement in the community, Ranj has been called upon from time-to-time to mediate conflicts, which has allowed him to gain a better perspective of the Punjabi culture and language. Gurmant Grewal, Member of Parliament — I wish you all the success in the world my man. It takes a brave man to put words to paper and for you to expose yourself to all kinds scrutiny by good and bad people.

I believe your books allow all young people to get a view of a world that if they walk in it could be a short stroll in life!

Take care my friend and all the best to you and your family!


Ranj Dhaliwal






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