Sree saraswathyaya namaha!!!! Sree padha vallabha narashimha saraswathi Sree guru dattatreyaya namaha!!! Dattatreyam mahaatmaanam, Varadam bhakta vatsalam Prapannarthi haram vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu 2. Saraanagatha deenarthaa, Paritraana paraayanam Naraayanam vibhum vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu 4. Sarvaanardha haram devam, Sarva mangala mangalam Sarvaklesa haram vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu 5. Brahmanyam dharma tattvagyam, Bhakta keerthi vivardhanam Bhaktabheesta pradam vande, Smartrugaami sanovatu 6.

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It is believed by the followers of Datta -sampradaya that Datta is in the flesh and blood of devotees. He is an Avadhootha. He is Yogiraja. He is Gnaana pradaatha. Lord Dattatreya had been a guru to Brahma , Parashurama , prahlada , patanjali , lord Subramanya , Kings yedu , alarka , Kartaveeryaarjuna.

Datta is a kaarana yogi , Kaarana purusha ,a kaarana Avatara to give the message of guru sampradaya and guru bhakthi. Lord Dattatreya is an avathara of trimoorthis Brahma , Vishnu and Maheswara. Lord Dattatreya is an Ocean of knowledge and advance spirituality. Individual results may vary in spiritual advancement but it will be assured. No caste is barred , No creed is barred , No religion is barred , No limitations for datta. As an incarnation of lord , Datta Comes down to spread the universality of true religion.

Any one can be his follower regardless of cast , creed ,status ,student , house-holders no limitations are there. He is the guru of all gurus, the all-being all powerful , ever-present link between God and Man. The lord datta is endowed with all wealth. He is all pervading and resides in the hearts of all beings.

He is the great maayavi, sporting with his own maaya. He is Brahma, he is Vishnu and he is Rudra. He is Indra and he is also the gods of heaven and all other beings. He is the East, he is the West, he is the North, he is the South, he is below and he is above. He is everything.

This is the glory form of Lord Dattatreya. The name Dattatreya symbolises the idea of unity in diversity, connects the people of different creeds and synthesizes various differences found in the society. Because of this rinanubhandha or previous attachments only many devotees who were not at all concerned with him initially have done so much service after they had been drawn to him.

The name of Dattatreya is a safe boat Taaraka that enables a devotee to cross the ocean of life with success. He will test the intensity of devotion of the devotees.

He may appear very ugly or he may be engaged in despicable practices. If we can stand the severity of his tests, our request is simple for him. There is no doubt about it. Acoording to Avadhootopanishad, an Avadhootha is one who is beyond all Varna and Ashrama, a Yogin deeply centred in the self-brahman, one free from the bondage of hope and despair one who is pure in the beginning, in the middle and in the end of his life, one who is always merged in bliss, without a desire, with pure and truthful speech, one who has made his mind pure through meditation and Samadhi.

In this kind of Avadhutha, the meditator, the meditation and the object of meditation become one. In Datta sampradaya, Dattatreya is worshipped as an Avadhootha. Numerous incarnations have been taking place from Yuga to Yuga and they disappear. But the incarnation of Datta prabhu is different. It has no end even at the end of kalpa. Poorna Brahman was recast in the form of Dattaprabhu and by his mere look alone countless Jivas get salvation from worlds.

His disciples comprise all types 1. Arta 2. Artharthi 3. Jignasu and 4. Dattatreya is an Avinasi avathara. He is Smarthrugaami. He is trigunarahitha. Spiritual sadhana is a very subtle, intricate and complex process. In this aspect not only the guidance of a guru is essential but also his grace is most essential. The Guru preceptor is equal to or even more powerful than god in conferring the benefits to devotees. If we ask why, the answer is that God has not been seen by any one, but the preceptor is present here and now before us.

There is prominent importance was given to guru. Salutation to such a preceptor. Whatever great and auspicious qualities God possesses, the preceptor also possesses the same, namely purity, truth, complete control of the senses, infinite compassion and wisdom.

They are 1. If we commit an offence against God, there is no need to seek pardon from God himself. On the contrary, if one offends the preceptor, and seeks pardon from God, nothing would happen. God himself would tell him that he is helpless in the matter and he will ask us to get the pardon from the preceptor alone. The preceptor can intercede on behalf of the disciple and recommend to God to pardon the sinner.

God will never disregard this recommendation. There is a verse which tell us this as follows. That is why the scriptures enjoin the devotion to the preceptor. Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada, sings the praise of the Guru everywhere. He clearly tells that do service at the holy feet of Guru everyday. Seek the instruction on Brahman, symbolized in the single syllable om! Listen to the Mahaavaakyaas of Upanishads. Lord Dattatreya is Adiguru, Viswaguru, Jagatguru.

The avathara of Dattatreya is a unique one and it is mainly meant for the promulgation of right type of knowledge divine wisdom as Jagat-Guru God-Guru and a boon-bestower and not for killing any demon as in the case of all other incarnations. Dattatreya, who is the God of Gods, ancient, auspicious, the lord of the world and avadhootha, all pervading, a sotre-house of yoga and knowledge, the preceptor of the world, dearest to yogins, merciful to devotees, worshipped by siddhas, redeemer of sins and bestower of liberation, is unique as God-guru symbolizing the idea of unity in diversity.

The unique feature of Datta sampradaya is that one can achieve Bhakthi, Mukthi, ihasukha and Paragati by worshipping lord datta. He is standing infront of a cow-Kamadhenu that represents creation and kindness and the tree Audumbar tree which represents wish fulfilling tree.

He is followed by four faithfull dogs which represent the four Vedas-Rig,Yajur,Atharvana and Sama Vedas which follow at the feet of the lord, as hounds of heaven, the watch-dogs of truth, owned by Dattatreya for the souls of men.

The ochre coloured gard of dattatreya symbolises Sansyasa, the spirit of renunciation or detachment. He has matted hair on his head. His body is ever smeared with holy ashes and he wears tiger-skin for his garment.

His faces and form are ever radiant with peace and divine charm. The three heads stemming from the same trunk represents the powers of creation, preservation and destruction which are present in the Universe as being the functions that emanate from one and the same. Dattatreya appears with a bag hung on his shoulder. He has all the powers of God viz.

But he lives as a Fakir. The term Fakir means a begger owning nothing except a bag a Jhola and a stick in his hand, which is sometimes identified with the trident. He goes for Bhiksha or alms, for he lives in alms. He asks for the sins of our past and present life. He will collect the sins of all people, he can swallow and digest all the sins of all the people. He goes from door to door asking for alms.

He puts them in his Jhola or a bag and walks off and digests everything. The form of Dattatreya is given in Vishnu Dharmottara Purana —which is worshipped by the devotees. However this is not his real form. Dattatreya is none other than Brahman, Paramatman, Isvara, Narayana, the source of all existence, knowledge and bliss. It is Brahman because it is full, complete and makes all complete.

The concept of Dattatreya, the lord Brahman, the greatest teacher Guru of liberation Moksha in this life and the state of his being a real philosopher Avadhootha tatwa which offers true meaning of life here, shows that is all that exists.

Paraspara Devo Bhava Invoke the divine unto one another. The only driving force has been our wish to propagate the Glory of Lord Dattatreya. Let your hands give a hand to his sanctuous work. Move your feet towards his blessed Abode. With mouth, recite his holy name. In every word, feel his tenderness. Arise, awake and enjoy your inborn sovereignty.


Sri Dattatreya Kavacham

The energetic link between the lower and higher bodies is the breath or prana and the path to transcendence lies in its neutralization. The acts of silencing the mind and the breath are interconnected and mantra is an important way to accomplish both. The generally chaotic mind is regulated through powerful waves of energy generated by the mantra and the focused attention of the sadhaka on the mantra or ishta acts as a means to sublimate the breath and the mind. Dattatreya is widely worshipped by Hindus all over India. These are some of the Mantras, stotraas recited in the praise of Dattareya.


Sri Datta Stavam

You are on page 1of 4 Search inside document Datta Stavam Sree ganeshaya namaha!!!! Sree saraswathyaya namaha!!!! Sree padha vallabha narashimha saraswathi Sree guru dattatreyaya namaha!!! Dattatreyam mahaatmaanam, Varadam bhakta vatsalam Prapannarthi haram vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu 2. Saraanagatha deenarthaa, Paritraana paraayanam Naraayanam vibhum vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu 4. Sarvaanardha haram devam, Sarva mangala mangalam Sarvaklesa haram vande, Smartrugaami Sanovatu 5.


Remedial Mantras



Sri Dattatreya Stotram – శ్రీ దత్తాత్రేయ స్తోత్రం


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