Then, select sky mission mode and highlight the Chaos Dragon at the dragon selection screen. Press Down and select the "??? Alternate endings Finish the flight missions with a time under minutes to unlock other endings. Easy health To get easy health, simply kill one of the large groups of enemies of about six to ten soldiers, in the X, square or octagon formation.

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After that you can grab the key and get out of there. Magic is allowed in this level too. This stage consists of some cubes at the beginning that you should take out using the multiple targeting ability, and then a bunch of dragons that you can use your magic on. After that kill the rest of the goblins that appear on the map.

The best way to accomplish this is through dash attacks. And if you get really bored you can summon someone to your aide. To get the hidden weapon you need to beat nine rounds of enemies in nine minutes. Five Black Pawns four groups Twenty Empire Guards After round nine, the treasure box appears, make sure you get it before you kill all the empire guards. First you face the gryphons, which you can take down pretty simply. After that, take the dragons down using the multiple targeting of dangerous.

Then its some bats along with some dragons and gryphons. Take them out with some magic. Verse Two: Smells Move along to get to the next verse. Verse Three: Grief Hidden Weapon: Carrion-Maker To get this particular weapon you need to defeat all the silver knights in a particular area there should be five of them.

After doing this rush back to the other side of the map and grab your treasure from a gap between two buildings. First you have to grab the Demonbane out of the chest, and then you can slay the ghosts. Then take down the gryphons. Take them out the same as before. Now you can use your magic against them, unleash it and watch them burn. If they all died, that ends the level. Kill all the enemies in a straight line West, including any targets you see on the way.

When you finally get to the west side, take out all the black knights on horses. When you kill them all, you not only get a Chest with your hidden weapon in it, but you also get to leave via the target. The guidelines for getting the sword are this though. First off, you have to finish within four minutes and ten seconds. The second requirement is no magic. With that said lets run through this. There are a bunch of ghost circles. The best way to take these down is with the multiple target method.

Then take down a few gryphons by either locking on, or just by using your dragonfire. Rush by them quickly locking on as you go and taking out five at time. When twenty-five minutes are up, the weapon will appear next to the last target. At this time you should run to the last target, and search for your treasure box. Then its off to fight battleships. The only thing you have to watch out for is not getting caught between a few of them.

If that happens they can hit you from behind without you knowing. After the battleships a few dragons come at you. Take the easy route and launch your magic at them. Verse Three: Lantern Fishing Use your normal dragon attack to take down small ships quickly. After that there are a few big battleships and a small one or two, take out the small ones first to power up your magic.

Then release the magic upon the larger vessels. If you have any magic left, use it now. Otherwise use your multiple targeting method and take down the spirits like that. Those are the last of the enemies. You must complete it in under eight minutes. Your health has to be at least twenty-five percent or better. And finally, you cannot use your magic. So to the actual mission. You start out with a few gargoyles and double that many beholders. Take out the gargoyles first, then concentrate on the beholders.

Take out the annoying gargoyle first, then target the smaller ships. After you sink them, take out the big one. Use your magical multiple target ability on the cube colonies and gargoyles in this next area.

Kill the specters first if you can drag them away from the battle, then take out the small battleships. Finish it off quickly but carefully.

After you finish you should be done with all the missions. You are now a dragon master.


Drakengard – Guides and FAQs

Forbidden Places Verse 8: Now she will start to use firebreathing attacks. She encloses herself in a bubble, does some gestures, and launches fireballs at you. Drakengard — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki She is immune to damage while those swords are out. Only use your special when he goes up to do his a blue circle around his face. This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat The Chaos Dragon will stay at one end of the hall and launch dumbfire projectiles at you. In the beginnning, just run straight at her. If you are really good at flying and shooting and dodging simultaneously, try launching a few unlocked shots ahead of her.


Drakengard(tm) Official Strategy Guide






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