Gazil I suspect it does; the translation of this book seems to lose almost nothing. Our narrator was also a Loser, but of lesser degree, he was not suicidal and survived to ponder upon the deaths and lives of two of his friends. And I must say: Njega je ubio Glenov talenat i njegova iskrenost kada mu je rekao da je gubitnik. But the convent Grey — The color that most of the characters created during large part of twentieth century and whole of twenty-first century till date, are painted in. He even failed at dominating his weak sister, at terrorizing her into abjection, so he elects to fail comprehensively. The Loser goes about in a humorous and absurd way of exploring the universal experience of encountering someone better than you in an activity that, prior to the encounter, you felt you were sitting at the head of the table as top dog.

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In fact, Bernhard declared in his will that every one of his literary works in perpetuity must not be printed or presented within the state of Austria, or within the geographical boundaries of the present state of Austria, whatever that area may in the future be called. Yet he never made an attempt to emigrate; he lived in Austria all his life. Bernhard was a man of contradictions, and his In most of his fictions—including this novella—the Austrian Thomas Bernhard insults everything Austrian.

Bernhard was a man of contradictions, and his works--The Loser, for instance—are full of contradictions too. They are filled with solitary characters who spew forth spleen and invective, loathing the seediness of everyday life, and yet these solitaries are often bound together by some ideal which points beyond pettiness, some absolute which both inspires and degrades them.

In Losers that ideal is music. What plot there is, is simple. There, one day, standing just outside a practice room, they heard Glenn Gould playing the Goldberg Variations. Although the three become friends, the narrator and Wertheimer both knew perfection when they heard it, and from that moment their ambition to play serious piano began to die. Before the monologue that is The Loser begins, the narrator has learned that Wertheimer has committed suicide, and he begins to examine—in obsessive detail—the friendship of these three men: how both he and Wertheimer were not like Gould, and how he himself is not like Wertheimer.

But Bernhard brings a wealth of ironies all his own. Salzburg, which at bottom is the sworn enemy of all art and culture, a cretinous provincial dump with stupid people and cold walls where everything without exception is eventually made cretinous The town of Salzburg, which today is freshly painted in even its darkest corners and is even more disgusting than it was twenty-eight years ago was and is antagonistic to everything of value in a human being, and in time destroys it The people of Salzburg have always been dreadful, like their climate, and when I enter the town today not only is my judgment confirmed, everything is even more dreadful Glenn was charmed by the magic of this town for three days, then he saw that its magic, as they like to call it, was rotten, that basically its beauty is disgusting and that the people living in this disgusting beauty are vulgar.

The climate of the lower Alps makes for emotionally disturbed people who fall victim to cretinism at a very early age and who in time become malevolent, I said.


Thomas Bernhard

Golmaran In qualche modo te lo devi far bastare. What I know is that I can relate way too much to feeling berhard. What would they have done if they had never met Glenn Gould? Books by Thomas Bernhard. I love to hike.





El malogrado, de Thomas Bernhard


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