Page 2: Table Of Contents Do not port forward the non-secure port to outside the local network. If the non-secure port will not be used it should be disabled in the M1XEP setup refer to section 1. It features a secure embedded web server with a user interface built on a Java applet, email event notification, and FIPS compliant encryption algorithms for security sensi- tive environments. The 5-pin connector along the side of the M1XEP is provided for future use. Page 7 Values between and are valid. The recommended default port is

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Page Central Station Setup 3. In the "Report the following to this number" box, check all the events that should be reported to the Central Station through the M1XEP. Place a checkmark in the checkbox beside each area that will make reports to this Central Station. Page 11 Central Station to receive alarm codes via the Internet.

If you are unsure if Internet Monitoring is supported or need further information, please contact the Central Station. These ports should not be opened port forwarded outside the local network. Configurable by installer. From the Connection menu choose the "Network" method. The bootloader update is done using the steps outlined above. The bootloader update files are downloaded from the M1 Dealer Site along with a corresponding firmware update.

Update the bootloader first and then update the firmware. Page 16 "Always trust content from this publisher" option. Next, the "Please Wait" screen will appear. This will disappear once a secure SSL bit encrypted connection has been established. This may take several seconds. Page 17 Area AND that has a programmed name will be displayed, even if the keypad does not physically exist.

Hovering the cursor over the F-keys causes their programmed identity name to be displayed. Page 19 The Climate screen also has radio buttons along the top edge for switching between screens for Keypads and Temperature Probes. These screens also populate themselves with names and temperatures of devices which are programmed into the Control. Outputs printed in Red type are currently On. This number is an identifier of the particular premise for which the alarm or event is being reported to the Central Station.

Page Troubleshooting Guide If server requires logon, verify the username and password. Support of username and password requires M1XEP firmware version 1. Verify that the Rule to send email is written correctly. Verify that ElkRP is disconnected when the triggering event occurs.

Page 23 3. If the blink indicates the wrong mode, power the unit down and back up to force it to the opposite setting. This may take another minute.


Elk -M1XEP Installation Manual



Elk Products ELK-M1XEP Installation Manual


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