Katherine McCall was a rebellious seventeen-year-old when her sister and guardian, Sara was brutally murdered. Due to the fact that her parents were also deceased and she was to inherit all of the family money, Katherine Kat was named as the prime suspect. She was charged but released as the jury found her innocent. However, not everyone agreed with this and she decided to go into hiding. Years later the murder is still unsolved and Kat is receiving anonymous letters.

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Beschreibung bei Amazon Erica Spindler is one of the New York Times and International best selling author from America, who has written a number of world famous romantic thriller novels.

She was born in the year in Illinois, United States and had no plans of becoming an author, However, she became sick of lying in her bed and watching TV all the time. In order to get over her boring lifestyle, she picked up a romance novel and read it till the end.

After that, Erica became so much interested in the romance genres that she decided to write several romance novels on her own. Eventually, she went on to become a successful and widely popular author. After receiving the success from her initial romance novels, Erica shifted to suspense novels in the year This genre also brought a lot of success in her writing career. Erica began her writing career in the year with her first standalone novel.

She went on to write a few mini-series novels as well, but mainly focusses on writing only the standalone novels. Erica is very well known for her skills for crafting intriguing plots and exciting characters. This has helped her to earn critical praises as well as a vast number of fans. Her novels get published in more than 25 countries and get translated into multiple foreign languages. The stories of the novels written by Erica have been labelled as thrill-packed entertainers, white-knuckled page turners, and excellent reads.

Erica was raised in Rockford, Illinois and initially wanted to become an artist. Later, she went on to study at the University of New Orleans and obtained her MFA degree in the subject of visual arts. Before going on to pursue her career as an artist, Erica fell sick with a cold and had to spend all the daytime lying in bed and watching television.

For getting relief from the boredom, she picked up a novel and immediately got hooked to novels for the rest of her life. Due to this, she gave up the idea of becoming an artist and decided to become a novelist of romance and suspense novels. With a promising writing career, Erica went on to win the popular Daphne Du Maurier Award for her excellent writing career.

She also received the Kiss of Death Award and became an honorary member of the Romance writers of America. The audio version of one of her novels was named as one of the best Audiobooks of the mystery genre in the year by the Publishers Weekly, which also award it with the Listen Up Award. As of today, Erica lives on the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana along with her husband and a couple of sons. She likes to keep herself busy with her novel writing, but also tries to manage some free time for her family.

Currently, Erica is working on the plot of her next thriller novel. She even likes to meet and interact with her fans, mainly through the social sites and sometimes personally too. Author Erica Spindler possesses a wicked sense of humor.

She loves coffee, red wine and chocolate a lot and has an optimistic spirit in her that makes her stay active and happy in her life. The Kitt Lundgren series written by author Erica Spindler consists of a couple of novels, which were published in the years and respectively. The plot of the novel features Kitt Lundgren as the main protagonist, who is described by the author as a homicide detective. In the opening plot of the novel, three dead bodies of young victims were discovered around 5 years ago, which posed as little angels.

No witnesses or evidences were found about the case. The killer who performed the brutal crimes described his acts as perfect crimes. He came to be known as The Sleeping Angel Killer. As homicide detective Kitt Lundgren was not able to solve the case after letting the killer get away once, her career was nearly destroyed. Now, the killer had come back after five years, but he shows some differences in his style of committing murders, which is noticed by Kitt Lundgren.

The small variations in the rash of killings make her believe that a copycat killer is trying to recreate the original perfect crimes of The Sleeping Angel Killer. Soon after, the unexpected happens when the original killer approaches Kitt with a weird offer of helping her to catch the copycat killer. Kitt Lundgren faces a difficult situation and has to decide whether she should trust the murderer or risk herself in becoming the victim of the copycat killer. The second novel of the series was published by the St.

The plot of the novel is set in Illinois, United States and depicts a remorseless killer. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Kitt teams up with another detective named M.

C Riggio in order to race against the cold-blooded killer of innocent and young victims. The killer seems to be moving with breakneck speed and poses a great danger for the people of Illinois.

Mary Catherine Riggio and Kitt Lundgren seem hot on heels due to their last case, working as detectives in the Violent Crimes Bureau of the police department of Illinois. They get called by a college student to investigate the murder of a young man in his sleep.

The victim had no previous criminal record, nor any noise complaints from the neighbors. The trail of the murderer seems cold as dead bodies of other victims begin to turn up one after the other. After investigating the lives of the victims, Kitt and Riggio come to know that the killer targets only the young kids.

Meanwhile, the case begins to affect the personal life of Riggio, which pushes her on edge with Kitt and leaves their friendship in jeopardy. The case takes them deep into the cyber universe, where nothings seems to happen in the right way.

The relationship of Kitt and Riggio lies at the heart of the suspenseful plot of the novel, as they struggle to maintain their trust, balance their double roles, and walking on the edge with the law, being on the verge of taking it into their hands. We recently conducted a poll among visitors and the Memory Man series was voted the 8th most favourite series by all readers. If you ARE an avid reader of it then great news — a new book is coming out very soon!!!

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This series by Cleo Coyle has been going strong since and is still publishing highly rated books every year. An excellent series to get you through the cold months.

More details. However there is a lot more to Blake than just that series. He has written some of the best sci-fi books there is such as Dark Matter and Recursion.

More Details. Did You Know… Only 6 books so far have sold more than million copies.


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