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The majority of the elements that comprise a line check are identical to those that comprise a cockpit en route inspection see section 9 for general inspection practices and procedures. The operator is responsible for administering both initial and recurrent line checks. In some situations, though, a Federal Aviation Administration FAA aviation safety inspector ASI Operations may administer a line check, especially when an operator is not authorized to have its own check airman, such as a part single pilot operator or single pilot-in-command PIC operator. FAA ASI Operations may also need to administer the initial line check when a new type of aircraft is being introduced into either part or service. Inspector Preparation.

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Oral Test. The job aid shall be dated, signed, and given to the applicant. The applicant should be instructed to give the application and job aid to the inspector or examiner conducting the airplane segment of the test.

See paragraph for guidance on documentation requirements for incomplete tests. Applicants who have completed all requirements are entitled to a temporary certificate. Fully Qualified Applicants.

Applicants should present the written test application job aid, signed and dated by the inspector who prepared it as verification of the ICAO requirements. If the applicant cannot present the job aid, the applicant must present logbooks which verify the ICAO requirements. If the applicant does not present a job aid or logbooks, the inspector or examiner may issue the Temporary Airman Certificate, provided that both ICAO restrictions in subparagraphs A1 a and b are placed on that certificate.

The job aid should not be attached to the certification package. If an applicant fails an oral or flight test, inspectors and examiners shall accomplish the following: A. Notice of Disapproval. Complete FAA Form in duplicate. See Volume 5, Chapter 1, Section 6 , for instructions for completing the notice of disapproval.

Duplicate Copy of Notice of Disapproval. Give the duplicate copy of the notice of disapproval to the applicant. Airman Written Test Report. Instruct the applicant to retain the AC Form Form Completion. Other job aids may be either retained or disposed of after the certification package is complete. Job aids should not be attached to the certification package.

Complete and sign FAA Form Forward to FSDO. The following guidance applies when tests cannot be completed for reasons other than failure of an applicant.

Oral Tests. When the oral test is incomplete, it must be completed by the same inspector or examiner within 5 days. If the test cannot be completed by the same inspector within 5 days, it shall be repeated in its entirety.

Flight Tests. When a flight test is incomplete, inspectors and examiners shall mark the events that were not evaluated on the job aid. The applicant should be instructed to give the job aid to the inspector or examiner who completes the flight test. If the flight test cannot be completed within 30 days, it shall be repeated in its entirety. When a designated examiner is not an aircrew program designee APD , that examiner must complete the flight test within 30 days or the flight test must be repeated in its entirety.

Figure Return to applicant. The events failed must be indicated. If the check is not to be entirely repeated, those events not yet accomplished must be annotated. Enter oral and simulator date, as applicable. Indicate 1st or 2nd failure. Enter ICAO restrictions, if required. Paragraphs through



Air- Simu- Trng. Equipment Examination Oral or Written 1. Preflight Inspection 2. Hovering Manuevers 3. Taxiing 3.


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