To report the total distance as , meters, the distance should be given as B The net northward displacement is 2. The magnitude of the resultant displacement is 4. The magnitude of the net displacement is 1.

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The magnitude of the displacement is much less than the distance traveled along the path. If the velocity direction is positive then the acceleration is negative, and if the velocity direction is negative then the acceleration direction is positive. The situation is sketched in Figure 2. The acceleration is constant and negative. The four displacements add to zero. Use xv t to find xv at each t.

If the velocity direction is positive, then the acceleration is positive. Find the components of the weight force, using the specified coordinate directions. The slope of the graph of xv versus t decreases as t increases. One vector and the sum are given; find the second vector magnitude and direction. Find the vector sum of the four displacements.

The spider speeds up for the first 5 s, since xv and xa are both positive. One force and the vector sum are given; find the second force. The sign of the velocity and of the acceleration indicate their direction. In all cases, the negative acceleration indicates zemanskky acceleration to the left. For part c This is consistent with an average acceleration that decreases in magnitude during each successive time interval.

Apply the constant acceleration kinematic equations. Use the constant acceleration equations to find 0xv and. The average velocity is The vector first line plus the vector arrow gives the vector for the second line. Take the beginning of the journey as the origin, with north being the y-direction, east the x-direction, and the z-axis vertical.

It is initially positive, decreases to zero, and then becomes negative with increasing magnitude. The graph is not a straight line, so the acceleration is not constant. The average acceleration depends on the chosen time interval. While xa is also positive the speed increases and while xa is negative the speed decreases. You should head 8. The sum of the force displacements must be zero.

The uinversitaria reaches zero at 40 s. In part b the speed decreases so the acceleration is in the direction opposite to the direction of the velocity. Fisica Universitaria 12va. Edicion Sears, Zemansky Vol. The curvature is positive so xa is positive. TOP 10 Related.


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