In retrospect, if I had a better case, it could have been done cheaper. On 23 March Colonel and Mrs. I made two separate orders about a month ago with no problem. This means that everything that you plan on reusing akrparts be inspected and yellow tagged. Ordered parts about two months ago. I have many files on the Continental A65 engine.

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I need to replace my Lycoming O and found an old AF on ebay. In the Chandlers moved from their property into a residence at N. Everyone who has flown the Cub with aurparts engine has had a WOW experience! The fuel burn went from 4. I tried today a few times and it said the number is no longer in service, I tried a few times and emailed them as well. I have never had a problem with anything from Fresno.

My copy of Trade a Plane is 6 years old now! Maybe it was possibly them? They have a lot of NEW old parts available. Following World War I there were no real facilities for aviation in the Fresno area and so the Chandlers allowed pilots to take off and land in their fields once the crops were harvested. I have many files on the Continental A65 engine. Robert Weber also in Fresno is another supplier of Continental parts.

The historic integrity airpats these buildings is currently unknown but further research is appropriate as time and resources allow. I called them about four days ago looking for a set of Lycoming piston pins. The resulting AD listed all of the people or companies that bought the bad gears — Vivian Starr was on the list gears for the C in our Cessna Historic Significance Chandler Field was first dedicated for public use as an air field in Novemberon a one hundred-acre site donated by Senator and Mrs.

This winter I plan on adding an 8 gal. The style itself was given a kickstart by the Great Depression, as manufacturers turned to a new breed of industrial designers to help stimulate sales. Put these guys in the same category with Wag Aero. It CAN be rebuilt. The fifth building, which houses the Fresno Airparts Company, was constructed in and is a non-contributor. Chandler Field was first dedicated for public use as an air field in Novemberon a one hundred-acre site donated by Senator and Mrs.

You can search the ADs on this subject. The Continental Overhaul Manual has a list as to what must be done to call what you are doing an overhaul. The C was found in a basement where it sat for years. I use their ad in Trade-A-Plane as a reference. TOP Related Posts.



The airport is associated with Senator Wilber and Mrs. If you replace the mags with Slicks, getting a kit with the gears already installed is the airparys to go. Good service from Fresno Airparts. The WPA-era buildings are clustered in a campus setting that includes landscaping, several Beaux Arts-style fresjo and surface parking. He was an early investor in the petroleum fields near Coalinga, operated a large vineyard on his Selma ranch, was a director of the First National Bank of Fresno, and was in business with fellow Progressive Dr. Here is all I could find online.


Fresno Airparts in Fresno, CA



Fresno Airparts Company


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