He gave talks on Bhagvad Gita in Marathi to his fellow ashramites. These highly inspiring talks were later published as the book "Talks on the Gita", and it has been translated into many languages both in India and elsewhere. Bhave felt that the source of these talks was something from above and he believed that its influence will endure even if his other works were forgotten. In he was chosen by Gandhi to be the first individual Satyagrahi an individual standing up for Truth instead of a collective action against the British rule.

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Maecenas elementum interdum aliquet. Nam eleifend ac augue in aliquet. Maecenas ac molestie mi. Nam tincidunt pretium dolor, eu placerat elit. Duis nec luctus dolor. Ut a diam metus. Aenean fringilla purus enim, non pharetra eros blandit in. Suspendisse tellus quam, vestibulum vel urna vitae, sagittis consectetur dui. Bharat went down by the guidance of Nathuji Saroda renowned psychiatrist. Today, the organization has made progress mainly in the field of five. It includes five important areas which cover the life of education, health, social, agricultural and spiritual EHSAS.

With the help of research, awakening and training, Geetai Humankind Development Trust has been working very successfully in fulfilling the objectives of the organization and working very successfully in this field.

The organization started implementing various programs following the ideology of thoughts, if nothing is impossible. All the expenses of this journey are being done by the president and trustee of the organization. The institute has performed very well in the education sector and 5 schools and 2 agricultural colleges are run by the organization.


Vinoba Bhave


UTE C18 - 510 PDF

Geetai - Acharya Vinoba Bhave Marathi Audiobook


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