Set in late 40s in Iran. At that point, Majid considers the owner to be the kindest soul on earth. BiBi and her friends agree to buy a samovar as a wedding gift for a young woman. To cover up his fault, Majid blames Cutie, saying that she wanted to eat the birds. CS1 Persian-language sources fa.

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Dugal However, on the first day of school, the principal sees Majid and tells him he must get a haircut. The Man with a Thousand Faces — Due to their economic situation, they must pool their resources in order to afford to buy a beautiful, copper samovar.

Majid convinces BiBi to let him grow his hair out during the summer ghesebaye. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. He goes back to the dry goods store to talk to the ghexehaye in order to get the rest of the book. They set out for a third barber who treats Majid like a little king, mends his cuts he received from the second barber, and trims his hair with precision.

Edit Cast Credited cast: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. By using this site, you agree to ghesehwye Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Add the first question. A couple is killed in an accident in the north of Iran, but their son and daughter believe Najid to see, Mashasdollah knocks the bowl of water over, soaking a sack full of sugar cubes. Mosaferan TV Series Majid realizes that it will be several hours before BiBi is ready, so he asks for permission to go out, wearing his nice, party clothes.

When a politically exiled man Ansari meets strange rural people ghesehqye weird actions and accents in a village called Barareh. Eventually, temptation wins and Majid is playing the drum with the drumstick so loudly that people have gathered in the yard, thinking that an evil demon is in the shed, banging on the drum.

He accepts the sweater, but tells Majid to never do that again. When he gets home, BiBi gives the paper funnel to Majid and instructs him to throw it away in the trash. She even tells him about a dream she had where an angel brings her a gift. When he hears the front door open, Majid is stunned and accidentally drops the cage, injuring the birds.

Learn more More Like This. He left his spending money in his other pair of pants. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. BiBi and her friends agree to buy a samovar as a wedding gift for a young woman. Majid says good-bye to his friend, bikes home to get his money, and returns to the ice cream parlor to pay his bill.

My Best TV Series. For example, Majid is an orphan, while in real life, Kermani lost his mother when he was young. During his introduction, the teacher delivers an inspiring speech, saying that he himself lost his dad at a young age, but that adversity should not an obstacle preventing students from going to college. A poor family struggling to have a better life but involved in a greater problem. Majid is so touched by this speech that he comments that if that story is true, count him as a future college student.

The book inspired a television mini-series directed by Iranian director Kiumars Purahmad. After the ice cream arrives, Majid begins to cry under the table, trying to pretend that he needs to tie his shoe lace. Full Ghesehaaye and Mjid. When the shop owner asks Majid to tell him what this is all about, Majid blurts out that he left his money at home, but he invited a friend to eat dessert. To gain favor with Mashasdollah, Majid begins to tidy up the store. Ghesehaye Majid The owner laughs loudly and tells Majid to bring the money he owes ghseehaye he has a chance.

At the beginning of this chapter, Majid explains that he is infatuated with playing the drum or tablbut has never gotten the chance to. Eventually, the shed door is unlocked and the people watch Majid exit, anticipating instead to see a demon. TOP Related Articles.


Ghesehaye Majid

Mull Start your free trial. Keep track of manid you watch; tell your friends. Before he leaves, Majid hears kajid barber complain to another man of the low-lifes who have been coming in lately, only able to pay the barber a small amount of money. However, the owner, Mashasdollah, is disinterested in helping Majid recover the rest of the book. Learn more More Like This. On the day the women set out to present it to the new bride, they ask Majid to transport it on his bike. My Best TV Series.


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