Mem A media roll is placed on these rollers. Be caution about following when scanning the registration mark. Caution Label is located on the top cover. It is possible to set the origin point at the center when the HP- P.

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Direct Fast Key for Position moving 3 step push roller pressure Push roller pressure is changeable in 3 steps. Setting of suitable pressure to match the medias is possible. For the both ends of the , and size, the pressure position is selectable from 2 steps. Perforation cut and half cut Using the perforation cut function, cutout of the media is possible. You can easily cutout the jobs such as stickers.

Die cut or perforation cut for sticker For detailed or delicate cutting. Window display For company logo or shop sign. Window film For cutting of various shape of window film.

Apparel For cutting of pattern papers. For masking of stone material. Enhanced functions for higher productivity and Expanded applications Dual Configuration Save two user settings with 8 condition settings for each user. Access at the user selection of control panel. User name assigned in PC is displayed as the user name. ARMS 4. Segment area correction The intermediate registration marks in the media feed direction are detected to allow four-point correction for each individual segment area.

This enables high-precision positioning of the whole area of skewed prints produced using long-length printing. Multiple registration mark correction Layout instructions are sent together with the cutting data for designs printed using layout functions such as set in a RIP, enabling continuous detection of registration marks for cutting.

This feature is valuable when high accuracy is needed for cutting an array of copies. Automatic registration mark detection The first registration mark is detected automatically, eliminating the need to move the sensor to the registration mark manually. Subsequent registration marks are automatically redetected even if sensing errors occur, simplifying the process of registration mark sensing.

Registration mark data including size and spacing can be controlled to simplify operations. Cutting Master 2 Superior software to help improve the productivity and efficiency is included as standard. Cutting Plotter Controller Using the controller, plotter operation and setting can be executed from PC.

The tool condition which is set by controller can list up to subjects, the contents of the list can be saved in PC as a file or can be read. Also the tool conditions set by plotter operation panel are readable into controller. Read setting conditions are editable and can be reset to plotter side. Further more obtaining and displaying plotter error information and condition information can be saved as a file. Create graphics or text, then output directly to the plotter. The interface allows user to access with longer cable.

Multimedia Roll Holders option Store up to 3 extra full-length rolls easily at the foot of your plotters. Bi-directional media loading For the ultimate convenience and versatility, users now have the option to load media from either the front or back of the FC, depending on location and requirements of the plotter.

The cutter will switch automatically per the software, thus improving the productivity. Application for Garment The FC series can be used for the Apparel market, in pattern making and marking. Light point The light pointer provides an alternative to the automatic ARMS system, allowing users to manually detect registration marks. Automatic cross cutter The automatic cross cutter provides a simple solution for obtaining a straight sheet cut-off of your finished job.

Media supply mechanism The media supply mechanism assists users to load and align the media accurately. Variety of application Sophisticated tangential control algorithms When the Tangential Control mode is engaged, the FC over-cuts the mechanical tangential system both in speed and output quality by controlling the blade rotation. This innovative and high precision system architecture is what enables the FC to cut small text strings on vinyl.

The Graphtec proprietary closed-loop servo actuator, with an integrated precision sensor, ensures quick precise, yet gentle tool contact with the material surface during up and down motions. The innovative Intelligent Soft Landing Tool provides not only consistent and optimum cutting quality throughout the job but the benefit of Lower operating cost as well. All rights reserved.


FC8000 Series



GRAPHTEC FC8000 Series User Manual


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