Itzhak Perlman violin , Pinchas Zukerman viola From Kai Christiansen Passacaglia after Handel , , The Passacaglia with its dual attribution to Handel and Halvorsen is a famous virtuoso piece for violin and cello or violin and viola published by Norwegian composer Johan Halvorsen in and based on the finale movement from the harpsichord suite in G minor HWV published by German composer Georg Frideric Handel Handel composed numerous harpsichord suites comprising dance movements, sometimes concluding with the traditional Baroque passacaglia, a term originally designating a Spanish "street dance" though the earliest extant examples are Italian. The essential feature of the passacaglia is short, resolved chord progression repeated over and over as a continuous harmonic bedrock for a series of improvisations or inventive variations. Numerous Baroque composers wrote such variation movements for harpsichord, organ, violin or ensemble using the nearly interchangeable terms passacaglia or chaconne with several celebrated examples from French and German composers especially J. The "theme" is a brief four-measure sequence of eight chords with a characteristic dotted rhythm generating a series of thrilling variations in a tour de force of musical invention. The spare resources of violin and cello require numerous double and triple stops, multi-note chords on each instrument to create a full four-part harmony.

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Reply Thanks by Jennifer on November This was well worth my money and am having a great time trying to learn this inspirational piece on my cello. Reply An experience that will never be forgotten I discovered the Passacaglia on YouTube and absolutely fell in love.

The difficulty can be excrutiating, but all the work and practice will pay-off in the end. The music is of good quality and I had no problems downloading any part. The sevice and purchasing is quick and easy. This first experience has been enjoyable. I am a violinist from Puerto Rico and really this page is the best for the people who like play music to donwload faster. The sheet music is great and the audio download was very helpful.

A bite challenging if you are cramming it the day before a gig, but alot of fun to play. More like chamber music with a broad, full sound.


Free violin sheet music for amateur musicians and learners!

Free violin sheet music for amateur musicians and learners! Violin Sheets is a site for those who wants to access popular violin sheet music easily, letting them download the violin sheet music for free for trial purposes. Keep Playing! Born as Georg Friedrich Handel in Halle, he spent most of his adult life in England, becoming a subject of the British crown on 22 January Strongly influenced by the techniques of the great composers of the Italian Baroque and the English composer Henry Purcell, his music was known to many significant composers who came after him, including Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. His most famous work, the Messiah oratorio with its "Hallelujah" chorus, is among the most popular works in choral music and has become a centerpiece of the Christmas season.


Passacaglia sheet music for violin and cello



Passacaglia (After Handel) (for violin and viola)


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