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Parts I and II, U. Purfield, H. Wood Craft, 5: , Sp. Rivingston, see South Kensington Council on Education. Rouillion, Louis, Economies of Manual Training. New Haven, Conn. Seaton, Geo. Woodcraft, 6: Selden, F. Sickels, Ivin, Exercises in Woodworking. Smith, K. Smith, R. London: Rivington. Standage, H. Tate, James M. About Trout, W. Forest Service Bulletins: No. Filibert, Roth. Hermann von Schrenk, Seasoning of Timber. Van Deusen, Clinton S.

Manual Training Magazine, 1: Wheeler, C. Junior Munsey, , Je. Wood Craft. A Dry-Kiln of Progressive Style. Wood Craft, 6: Lumbering in Louisiana. Wood Craft, 4: 55, Nov. The Lac Industry of Assam. Journal of the Society of Arts. The rough and ready methods common in American logging operations are the result partly of a tradition of inexhaustible supply, partly of the fear of fire and the avoidance of taxes, partly of an eagerness to get rich quick.

Most of the logging has been done on privately owned land or on shamelessly stolen public land, and the lumberman had no further interest in the forest than to lumber it expeditiously. Making a Valuation Survey. Preliminary to the actual logging are certain necessary steps. First of all is landlooking. This includes the survey of the forest land for the purpose of locating good timber.

Most of the woodland has previously been roughly surveyed by the government and maps made indicating which parts are private land and which are still held by the government.

The boundaries of townships, sections, quarter sections, eighties, forties, etc. The cruiser also studies the kinds and character of the trees, the contour of the ground, the proximity to streams,—all with the view to marketing the product. Acting on the information thus gained by the cruiser, the lumberman purchases his sections at the proper land office, or if he is less scrupulous, buys only enough to serve as a basis for operations.

Enormous fortunes have been made by timber thieves, now respectable members of the community. As a further preliminary step to lumbering itself, the tote road and camp are built. The tote road is a rough road on which supplies for crew and cattle can be taken to camp from civilization. It is barely passable for a team and a wagon, but it serves its purpose, and over it come more men and horses.


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