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Refer to the Autodesk Incinerator Installation and User Guide for information on how to connect your workstation to the Incinerator high-speed Infiniband network. Page 26 Connecting Peripherals To install the Infiniband driver for use with a Windows-based Lustre workstation: Download the driver package to a temporary location on your system. Page 27 Network Connections On the Installation Options page, make sure no optional components are checked, then click Next.

On the Select Installation Folder page, browse for the correct path in which to install the driver. Choose the system user permissions by selecting either the Everyone radio button or the Just me radio button. The wizard displays an installation progress bar. On the Installation Complete page, click Close. There are two Infiniband port adapters. In the Device Manager, at this point, the adapters should each be indicated by the adapter icon with an exclamation mark through it.

This shows that the adapter drivers are not yet installed. Page 30 Connecting Peripherals Repeat step 19 to step 22 for the second Infiniband port adapter.

To optimize the Infiniband driver on Windows: The Infiniband driver optimization steps are optional. For Linux-based workstations, connect the integrated network port to the Incinerator private port. Refer to the Autodesk Incinerator Installation and User Guide for information on how to connect your workstation to the Incinerator private network. See the following table for a summary of the steps necessary to connect components in your workgroup.

You can use any combination of them. If you are using more than one panel, you must use the network switch included with your shipment to cross-connect them. Use a network cable to connect port 0 the far right port of the Broadcom network card on your workstation to port 1 on the Netgear ProSafe FS network switch. Page 36 Connecting System Components If you are using only one panel, you can connect that panel directly to the workstation, instead of using the switch.

Page 38 Subnet mask: To configure the Autodesk control surface on Linux-based workstations: On the Lustre workstation, use a text editor such as nedit to configure the network port connected to the control surface with an unrelated static IP address that does not interfere with any of the IP addresses on the network. Connecting a Stand-Alone Tablet If you do not have the modular Autodesk control surface panel that includes the tablet, you can connect a stand-alone tablet.

Page 40 Although the Slave Renderer uses a network connection, a higher Category 6 grade cable is needed to accommodate the data that is transmitted. For information on configuring the IP addresses of the network ports that connect the two workstations, see the Autodesk Lustre Software Installation Guide for Windows Workstations. You control the emulator from the application or device that sees the Autodesk Lustre application as a VTR.


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