Now you can get your hands on the new, updated for Baja 5B SS! A long list of option parts is included with the SS version of the Baja 5B. As you build the kit, you add in the options that come in the box, extra HPI options, and your own radio gear and electronics - although we include the powerful SFLMG large scale metal-gear servo to get you started! Packed with Even More Factory Options for ! To handle the extra horsepower of the Fuelie 26S, the drivetrain of the Baja SS is boosted with specially designed option parts that can handle the power increase.

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Unique customized looks with a gunmetal-anodized T6 aluminium monocoque chassis. Super-rigid for supreme performance, it also looks amazing under the bodyshell!

From the shock caps to the engine plate and chassis braces, you can see lightweight anodized aircraft aluminium T6 parts that highlight the incomparable looks of the Baja SS chassis. A complete set of sway bars are included to keep your Baja SS planted in the curves and aid traction.

To get more rear suspension travel at the rear, our designers have modified the rear shock tower brace — this gives you better rear traction and increased braking for lower lap times!

The Baja SS carries over the robust, efficient and highly detailed double-wishbone suspension from the standard Baja 5B, giving you amazing control and precision over any type of terrain.

The front and rear suspension hubs are also extremely durable and made from tough nylon composite material, so it will go the distance and absorb any bumps from crashes. Thick steel turnbuckles connected with strong composites provide a full range of movement while providing protection, plus they allow you a good range of adjustments so you can fine-tune your settings to get past the pack on the racetrack! In addition to all the heavy duty options included with the kit, you get a tough, super-strong steering servo that is already equipped with the Metal Gear Steering upgrade.

This allows you to have the security of reliable, quick steering in all conditions. With a powerful servo controlling the steering, the Baja SS will track straight and true when you want it to, no matter how bumpy the running surface it. The front wheels will also stay pointed in the right direction as you power through the turns! This is a great standard feature of the Baja SS, putting you well on your way to a solid electronics package. The Heavy Duty Bead Locks feature a wide rim that extend further over the sidewall of the rear tyres to protect the tyres in all conditions, and especially as the Baja slides through corners and across rough ground.

They are a great way to extend the life of the tyres, and are available in a variety of colours to enable you to match any custom colour scheme! Not only do you get the option Gunmetal Anodized Main Chassis, you get a full range of bright orange anodized aluminium T6 that are specific to the Baja SS. To top everything off, you get a clear bodyshell set that is totally ready for your custom paint scheme!


HPI Baja 5b Upgrade Parts



HPI Baja 5B Manual.pdf



HPI Racing Baja 5b SS Instruction Manual


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