Zolokinos Contents Supertex Life Support Policy Supertex vhlg its customers download the latest version from the Supertex web site www. Santa Clara, CA Phone: Output current ripple will depend on inductor selection in conjunction with input and output voltages as well as output current and component selection. The boost switching occurs in response to the drive current of all the connected Satasheet and thus supports variations in LED forward-bias volt age drop VF. Register Log in Shopping cart 0 You have no items in your shopping cart. The MAP provide a 0.

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Page The frequency can be programmed using a single resistor A sufficient storage capacitor is used to provide storage when the rectified AC input is near the zero crossings. Linear Dimming by changing the current limit threshold at current sense comparator Oscillator control.

A resistor connected between this pin and ground sets the PWM frequency. Optionally, a simple passive power factor correction circuit, consisting of 3 diodes and 2 capacitors, can be added as shown in the application circuit diagram of Figure 1. As shown in block diagram, this current is internally generated in HV without using bulky startup resistors applications. Moreover, in many applications the It is not possible to use this method to achieve average brightness levels higher than the one set by the current sense threshold level of the HV The accuracy When disabled, the HV draws quiescent current of less than 1mA.

However, in the case of the buck-boost or the Flyback topology the HV may cause excessive voltage stress of the switching transistor and the rectifier diode and potential failure.



Frequency and duty cycle vary to maintain a tightly regulated average output current over variations in line and load. To achieve these levels in the semiconductor manufacturing process, Supertex uses only mold compounds and substrate materials that contain less than ppm of chlorine and bromine, known as halogens, and avoids the use of brominated flame retardant Sb2O3 listed by IARC as a daasheet where technically and economically possible. The new type of capacitor has a space-saving design with two, three or even ten identical capacitors connected in parallel on the same terminal to increase the capacitance. The LTC requires only four small ceramic capacitors plus two resistors to form a complete 3-display LED power supply and current controller. Output current ripple will depend on inductor selection in conjunction with input and output voltages as well as output current and component selection. This short form catalog has been carefully checked and is believed to be reliable; however, no responsibility is assumed for possible omissions or inaccuracies. The white LED s are connected in series and driven at a constant current resulting in uniform brightness.




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