Properties Outdoor wall-mounted luminaire with high, visual comfort downlight and a comfort, street optic, designed for use with LED lamps. The optical assembly and the pole attachment system are made of ENAC LF aluminium alloy and subjected to a multistep, pre-treatment process, in which the main phases are degreasing, fluorozirconation a protective surface film and sealing with a nanostructured silane layer. The frame is secured to the optical assembly with two AISI stainless steel, captive screws and an AISI stainless steel hinged pin with a 50 Shore silicone gasket between them. The body and frame include slots for rainwater drainage. The product consists of a die-cast aluminium alloy base fitted with a PG 11, EPDM, double cable gland for pass-through wiring.

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Dimensions Length: The use of sockets allows lamps to be safely and conveniently replaced re-lamping. There are many different standards for these lamp holders including screw bases, bayonet bases and pin connectors. Dimmable Fase-aansnij gloeilamp, halogeen conventioneel Lumen Output The lumen output or luminous flux indicates the amount of visible light emitted by a light source in all directions: It is the total amount of light in a light beam.

The light flux depends on the power of the light source and of the color of the light. LED light has a high luminous flux with only a small wattage. Fortimo, Reo, etc. A light source is the object that emits light.

Unfortunately, lamp and light source are often randomly used. A lamp is a fixture that will contain a light source. The voltage is often transformed to a lower lever. Also a power supply can provide a conversion from AC to DC or vice versa. If no transformations are needed as is the case within can descent light bulbs then a power supply or driver is not required.

If the transformations do not take place inside the device but in a separate one, it is called an adapter. Emergency Lighting No Emergency lighting is a form of lighting that switches on automatically when the power fails.

A luminaire with emergency lighting has a connection to the mains as well as a battery or emergency power supply that supplies the lamp with power during power outages. IP Code IP66 The IP rating indicates the extent to which electrical appliances such as lighting fixtures are protected against solid objects and water. An IP Internal Protection value always consists of two digits. The first number indicates protection against solid objects.

The second digit indicates the degree to which the device is protected against water. When a fixture is properly sealed against water indicated by the second digit , then fixed objects will not easily enter the light fixture unit indicated by the first number. A high second digit will therefore always be accompanied by a high first digit.

A lighting fixture for outdoors or in the bathroom requires a higher IP rating. For example, the bathroom is divided into four security zones, each with its own required IP.


iGuzzini iTeka Outdoor Wall Lighting lightgrey

Yojar Lighting — Outside IFC classification: This product is available in: Outdoor lighting system designed to meet the most diverse technical lighting requirements in parks, iguzzii and avenues. There is no light dispersion into the upper hemisphere above this luminaire when it is in a horizontal position in compliance with the strictest standards for the prevention of light pollution. Virgin Islands United States. The frame is secured to the optical assembly with two AISI stainless steel, captive screws and an AISI stainless steel hinged pin with a 50 Shore silicone gasket between them.


iTeka wall mounted



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