Why, oh why did F. Might as well have pasted a Check Me Out sign on my arse. Snatching up her prize, Vicki straightened up, squared her shoulders and spun around as gracefully as she could, blending the look of unruffled calm on her face with just a smidge of cool disdain. Pretty effectively, to her mind, apart from the still-raging blush. Oh, that grin, that devilish knowing grin.

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Shelves: 4-netgalley , x-read-in Cute story! When Vicki walks into the room with her arms full she stumbles and her e-reader Cute story! When Vicki walks into the room with her arms full she stumbles and her e-reader falls out of her bag.

Scooping to pick it up, she sees the flash of the camera aimed towards her. When she looks up, she sees the photographer smirking at her. They might love it. And I bet F. What are you reading? One of my favorites I might have known you were a Story of O girl.

Judging by your choice of downloads, it looks like you might actually enjoy a bit of groveling. What a jerk! And in the office! This is the type of office where everyone is so evolved in their own thing, that the slightest little drama going on perks their interest.

But she squared off her shoulders and took his teasing in stride. When he finally gave her back her e-reader she tried to stomp off to her office, but something kept her grounded and watched him as he took more photos. Later when Red retreated back to an empty office where he was temporally working at, he started to think about Vicki and her e-reader.. Could she really be into that??

Or was she just curious? Of course this was his area of expertise. He liked to have strong women to play with in the bedroom. Where he could Dominate them easily, but still have a decent and challenging conversation with her elsewhere. With her head in the clouds as she worked out in the office gym in the basement with her BFF.

Vicki opened her mouth to answer but at that moment, the doors opened and Red Webster strolled into the room carrying a gym bag. Getting back into their workout - trying to ignore Red , but it was impossible. He might be the spawn of the Lucifer, but he had the body of a god.

She had remembered she had a meeting in 15 mins and had to rush off - Leaving Vicki and Red alone in the gym Well that settles it.

Vicki was getting ready to leave when Red looked up and saw hr gym bag in her hand. You need to stretch and get loose and relaxed just as much after a workout as before it.

When Red stocked over to her and offered his assistance in helping her stretch, she knew she would run, but instead she stayed where she was. Like I said, this was a cute story between two people out to have a little fun, explore their fantasies and see where it leads too.

Only neither of them were expecting it to effect them so strongly :.


Intimate Exposure




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