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Tygora Important Please read this. Apply for an original Social Security card Apply for a replacement More information. Eustacia Cooper 3 years ago Views: C3 Do you confirm that you hold sufficient funds in your bank account to act as a guarantor for the student named on this form for the length of the financial undertaking given above? Same as address at B6 Same as address at B10 As below.

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A financial undertaking can be provided by a third party. If the third party is a natural person, they must be a relative or a friend of the applicant. If the third party is not a natural person, they must nominate an individual as an authorised contact. For a guarantee of financial undertaking to be accepted, an immigration officer must be satisfied that you genuinely intend to meet your financial undertakings and hold sufficient funds for each student you are supporting.

The main recipient of the information is Immigration New Zealand, Department of Labour, but it may also be shared with other Government agencies, which are entitled to this information under applicable legislation. This is not where the application should be sent. The collection of the information is authorised by the Immigration Act and the Immigration Regulations made under that Act.

The supply of the information is voluntary, but if you do not supply it then the application may be declined. Any person who is in New Zealand has a right to access the information about them held by Immigration New Zealand and to ask for any of it to be corrected if they think that is necessary.

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