Depending on various factors specific to the candidate, this choice may or may not be the most appropriate, i. You always hear public feedback from those who had passed but never those who had failed, hence obtaining a biased view. Use of The Healthcare Quality Handbook does not guarantee that you pass the exam. The content will be almost identical whichever book you pick up. The difference between texts is the way the information is organized and presented. Occasionally, candidates complain that those questions found in the book are nothing like the ones on the actual exam.

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I worked in the US system as a medical assistant. Will this membership give me support from a real live tutor? Thank you. The latter is a unique program that we offer selected candidates; it includes access to all content of the CPHQ Tutor website plus face-to-face interaction, Skype calls, notes, etc. Despite its obvious benefits and effectiveness, the private CPHQ coaching program is not for everyone.

There are three downsides to the program that I see: It is rigorous. My take on this issue is that I believe in enabling healthcare quality professionals succeed in their career, to make a significant contribution in the communities in which they serve, not just helping them pass an exam!

A selection process. Not all candidates who apply to join the program whom we refer to as prospective students will be accepted. High cost. It may set the student a considerable amount of money. The content available on the CPHQ Tutor website is available to students in my private coaching program, and they have found it extremely useful.

This is one part of the coaching program which we can make available to any candidate. Subscription to the CPHQ Tutor website is cheap and there is no barrier to subscribing no selection process! Several subscription plans are available, even a super-inexpensive 1-day plan! I am interested in learning more about the criteria but find that information is disjointed.

I am a pharmacist and have been practicing for over 20 years in the healthcare field. I would like to expand my career opportunities and have a passion for issues related to healthcare quality. Andy Teh October 3, at am Michelle—I would recommend CPHQ certification only if you would pursuing a career in healthcare quality, risk management in healthcare, or patient safety. I would not recommend you take the CPHQ exam if you had a strong interest in healthcare quality but were not interested in a career in the profession.

CPHQ certification is most useful—and therefore of most value—if you were already in the healthcare quality profession or a related area or were wanting to join the profession, because it would complement your skills and experience.


The Handbook

The type and amount of resources required to pass the CPHQ exam depends on the individual candidate. Every responsible individual stands almost daily at the crossroads and must choose which way he will travel. Roles of Organizational Quality Leaders. JB Quality Solutions, Inc.


Janet Brown

Study programs should be based on individual needs, but most candidates with healthcare quality experience should plan to spend 6 weeks to 3 months in preparation. CPHQ preparation materials are offered to support a variety of learning styles including live courses; online education; practice exams; and books to help prepare those planning to sit for the CPHQ certification exam. Step One: Review the Exam Content Outline Each question on the exam links directly to one of the tasks listed in the content outline. Review the four major content categories and identify areas needed for further study. Textbooks and other reference materials. Examination questions are written from a wide variety of publications and resources in the field. Exam fees are non-refundable.


Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) Exam Preparation


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