How to get from point A to point B. What the weather will be like so you pack the appropriate clothing. You have taken care of everything that you will need to have a pleasant journey as well as a joyful exciting time while you are there. Now this you do for just a simple two week vacation but what do you do for the most important trip you will ever make in this life time? The most important trip you will ever make in any life time on this planet?

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Kazilkree Kathara Healing is deeply pleasurable and is based upon a profound knowledge of human multi-dimensional anatomy and our Angelic Origins. Ialionships to each other. Healibg morphogenetic field scalar grid structure of dimensions takes the form of sets of DlmensionBI Matrices.

In ancient ctJltures, the powers of language were better understood than they presenlly are in contemporary mainstream society. The 12 Human Senses In terms of breaking down the sense facilities for structural analysis, such as is done by modern science in identifying the 5 Known Senses, we will describe the sensory attributes of the Higher Sense facilities in terms of their primary orientation, location of their kathata Apparthi receivers within the Hova Body structures and by the type of perceptual or experiential attributes produced through their function.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The Kathara Grids of all forms — universes, galaxies, planets and species — are linked to each other and to the Kathara Grid of the Cosmos through the interwoven Partiki scalar standing-wave grids of the Kathara Grid Holographic Core. The prinCiples of Universal Order as taught within Kathara Theory present a broader context of universality than is presently recognized by contemporary western science.

Harmonics of Mannestation and Matter Density Knowledge alone cannot provide cognition. This relationship must be acknowledged and embraced if true health and healing are to occur. This workshop is very compatible with other modes of healing. Parliki Phasing govems the mechanics of matter manifestation within the Dimensionalized Frequency Bands of the Healint Matnx. The primary difference betwean Sequenc. More electric Less electrical The human anatomy is a dimensional morphogenetic field scalar grid structure, composed of wave spectra with varying degrees of matter density characteristic to the dimensional band with which each level of the kathars is stationed.

The responsibility for decision to engage involvement with MeED teachings, techniques or technoiogies rests with each individual, and thus the responsibility lor any affects or effects that mayor may not occur in conjunction with use of MeED teachings, techniques and technologies must also rest with the individual.

Harmonic 4 Integration age If the Kathara Grid is working properly, the body does not die but rather progressively transmutes into less dense states of matter in an eternal body form, via accretion of the 4 Kaghara of Frequency.

Undirected thought creates chaotic pattems within the Manifestation Template, while thought direcled through clear intention creates ordered patterns within the Manifestation Template. In the paradigm of Kathara Healing, the human organism Is viewed as a set of interwoven systems that is itself part of a larger system of Interdependent systems. It Is also the process by which the Merkaba Vehicle is activated within the Blo-energetlc field.

When used in proper sequence, Sequance-2 Kalhara Poinls close the energetic gete-ways to the Kethara Line. Follow the Author We will explore working with the Color Capstones of the Dimensional Frequency u Bands and how they can be used in combination with the Symbol Codes for use In Manifesting desired conditions and De-manifesting undesirables, both within the body and in the 3-dimensionallife drama.

Showing of 1 reviews. Changing the thought patterns Is actually changing the programming in the Personal Template. In Kathara Healing you are provided with tne knowledge you need to undelStand the structures upon which the Imprint for Health is buill.

We must be willing to allow other beings the fulfillment of their needs and desires if we hope 10 have our fulfillment known. Frequency structure upon which the other Kathara Levels and the morphogenetic field are built. Your BODY will begin to reflect change as dis-ease-causing distortions are released from the biological imprint, and a higher level of order healig re-established within the atomic structure.

The human organism is one such construct of consciousness and through ehaling inherent form the energy signatures of other scalar forms are translated into perceptual data. Manilest reality is thought projection, made solid and extemalized by relationships between the frequencies of our focus of aUention and those 01the projecled thoughl forms.

Take a few slow, full breaths; then visualize the image of a Blue FI. Inttoduclion 10 the Radi. The Thymus Complex and its related glandular and metabolic systems govern the cyclic rhythms by which the DNA strands will activate through the Pineal Gland, the rate of growth and degeneration of body tissue through the Thyroid Gland and through the Pituitary Gland and its inter-glandular processes, the functions of electro-tonal impulse conversalion, translalion and distribulion through the brain, Central Nervous System and blood are regulated.

The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Level-1 — Voyagers Korea When the Kathara Grid is functioning properly, there are certain speclffc points of linear time when specific aspects of morphogenetic expansion via Frequency Accretion are Intended to occur. Smallest units of energy-substance. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Hea,ing is rumored that Nostradamus and many other famous psychics and seers used the Book of Fate to gather information of past, present and future. EO UC kl As:.



Yocage Once the Imprint for Health has been temporarily restored, within the Core Holographic Template Kathara Grid, via running the Flash-line sequences of the Maharlc Shield through the Level-1 Kathara Grid, the outer layers of the anatomy can be further realigned to ,athara manifestation of the Kathara Grid Repatteming into the outer levels of the Bio-system. It is a beautiful hands-on technique; the client lies on a massage table and the facilitator does the rest. Iationship between the consciousness observing the form and the consciousness of which the form is made. Passage through any star-gate requires a suffICient amount of chemically encoded spiritual integrity of consciousness. However, we do not have to walt until our evolution plods along to bring us to these expanded perceptual states. The Signets are the smaller, fixed, consolidated frequency points out of which the Seed Crystal Seals that fonn the Chakras manlIest. The Share Complex regul.


Akicage Kathara Healing is deeply pleasurable and is based upon a profound knowledge of human multi-dimensional anatomy and our Angelic Origins. When used in proper sequence, Sequance-2 Kalhara Poinls close the energetic gete-ways to the Kethara Line. Holistic healing, and KATHARA Healing particularly, take the concept of intrinsic unity within the seemingly separate systems of the human being one step further than simple interrelationship between physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human experience. Scalar Grids are created through Partiki Phasing.



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