Characters[ edit ] Shade - A young Silverwing bat, the runt of his colony. Shade is clever and resourceful, easily outwitting Goth on more than one occasion. However, he is also slightly greedy for power and is nearly persuaded by Goth into eating meat. Shade also tries very hard to look good in front of the other newborns, like daring Chinook to see the sun in the first place and veering away from Ariel when she offered to fly for both of them, causing him to be lost in the storm. Son of Ariel and Cassiel, he is very impulsive and brave. Shade is described as having thick black fur and a deep chest, however smaller than the other bats and has a shorter wing span.

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Shelves: middle-grade , action-adventure , library-read 2. The fact that it fits an October month challenge, along with the fact that my local library actually had it in the shelves, pushed it up the line a bit. It was a cute adventure story about a runt silverwing bat who is smart and curious and questions things, when most of his colony goes along with the status quo out of justified fear. His biggest adventure happens when, during a storm, he gets separated 2. His biggest adventure happens when, during a storm, he gets separated from his colony and has to find his way home.

As with many stories, he makes friends and foes along the way, and has to deal with various obstacles in his path. I thought the author did a good job of anthropomorphilizing the bats enough to make them relatable, but still bat enough to not come across as too cartoony. My major complaint about him is that he seemed to have a villainous version of Invincible Hero.

Also, I kind of found the one cult-group of bats more frightening than the actual villains. Lots of threads left dangling to be continued on.


Kenneth Oppel



Silverwing Series


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