When the original Korg Kaoss Pad was launched, it offered a radical new take on multi-effects. Although only 60 preset effects patches were provided, the square touch-sensitive controller pad allowed effects parameters to be controlled creatively in real time. Furthermore, a single sample memory was provided, which could be recorded and mutilated in a variety of ways using a set of dedicated patches. Photo: Mike CameronSince our review back in SOS August , Korg have been collecting feedback from their users and have now introduced an improved version, the KP2, which leaves the original appearing rather lacklustre by comparison! The moment you pull the new Kaoss Pad from the box you can tell that there has been a complete redesign — the lightweight plastic has given way to a much more solid aluminium casing. The Mic input has scampered round to the right-hand front edge, making it as reachable as the headphone socket, and both level controls have been enlarged and contoured so that even fingers as blunt as mine can adjust them easily.

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Korg Kaoss Pad The touch of your finger The concept of the Kaoss Pad is brilliantly simple — as you move your finger around the pad you are controlling many sophisticated aspects of a powerful effects processor.

Move your finger left to right and you control certain aspects of the sound. Move it up and down and you control other parameters. Make an arc and you bring in even more changes. All you need to do is glide across or tap on the pad to make evocative changes to your mix, producing a level of complexity that would be impossible to achieve with any other system or controller.

Select effect programs by turning a knob and assign up to eight in the program memory buttons for instant recall. A Hold switch lets you freeze an effect in its current position, making it easy to capture a perfect setting or to rhythmically change the sound by drumming on the pad. More groove with synths and vocoders Not only does the KP2 come with amazing effects, it also is loaded with 15 super-cool synth sounds including analog synth programs and ethereal ambiance-type sounds.

Use the pad to play and manipulate the sounds for some truly unique creations. Eight new BPM patterns can be triggered from the touch pad, allowing rhythm and bass synth patterns to be played, perfectly synchronized to the BPM.

The KP2 has two sample keys for a total of twelve seconds of sampling. Or you can process a sound through the effects and then sample it. Use the touch pad to apply time-stretch, reverse-playback, pitch shift, or scratch effects to the samples for unlimited creative possibilities. Simply record your moves with the Pad Motion function, and you can play back complex pad movements and instantly reproduce your original effect sounds.

Easy operation and quick connection of DJ sources and instruments The KP2 is ready to be used with a variety of sound sources. A Mic input is perfect for processing vocals or for use as a wild MC toolbox. Add the dimensions of light and style With its own light show, the KP2 generates an intrinsic sense of groove.

It was called "Kaoss Jam" on the set list and was played in a few gigs after that one but never again since then until some gigs on the The Resistance Tour. He used it during Nishe on the most recent world tour for The Resistance.


Korg KP2 Kaoss Pad

The original model lacked a MIDI input and was rather noisy and easy to overload, hence the demand for a successor. If you are wondering what could possibly be still missing from the Kaoss or worthy of refinement, let me present the third incarnation of this hit series — the Kaoss Pad 3. The central touchpad, beneath which is an 8x8 matrix of red LEDs, is at once practical and visually stunning. Kaoss Pads are both tactile and intuitive; consequently the slender manual avoids wordy descriptions of the included effects algorithms, offering only the information needed to get you up and running.


Korg Kaoss Pad KP2



KAOSS PAD KP2/Owner's Manual


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