It takes everything you ever learned or read about the Law of Attraction and takes it to the next level. This is a tried and proven life-changing program that thousands of people around the globe have experienced with resounding and enormous success. I have taught hundreds of thousands of people around the world how to turn their lives around quickly and live their greatest lives through my programs, workshops, and books. I have since turned things around in a BIG and dramatic way — and I did it quickly.

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I have rated this book three stars because it is just that, in the middle. Nothing more, nothing less. For those who are new to this category of self-help books and inner journeys of your self, this is an excellent start.

It is short, easy to understand and contains just a few simple steps to take action and be the driver in your life. However, if you have traveled down this road of books for quite some time, I am pretty sure you have heard it all already. Although short, you could save yourself some time and spend it on finding something more thorough.

Nov 20, Tami rated it it was amazing There are so many books on manifesting on the market right now. Some are quite good. They lay out the steps and contain exercises that teach the reader how to manifest his or dreams.

Others focus on one part of the process making it seem much more complex than it is. If you are looking for a good solid book on manifesting that looks at all aspects of manifesting while keeping the process simple and straightforward, then I highly recommend The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple. This book There are so many books on manifesting on the market right now. This book presents eleven steps.

Exercises not only take the reader through the manifesting process but they address many of the most common obstacles to actually getting what you want. I very much appreciate this later aspect the most because I feel that many manifesting books make the process feel like a greedy grab for cash and wealth. This book encourages readers to find what they really want and need to be happy.

It also helps them work through unhealthy belief issues so that they will succeed.


The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple: Create the Extraordinary Life That You Deserve

The Law of Attraction: Thank you so much for a wonderful book. There is attraction much information out there about the law of attraction and how to manifest — so much so it can be overwhelming. She is the co-host of the very popular radio show, Lead Out Loud Talk Radio, and has had the opportunity to interview some of the biggest transformational leaders of our time. Apr 19, Siv-Anita rated it really liked it. Quick read, some steps on how to achieve positive attraction.


“Law of Attraction Plain and Simple”


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