HOUR 1. Starting Developer Studio. HOUR 2. HOUR 3. Functions, Structures, and Classes.

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HOUR 1. Starting Developer Studio. HOUR 2. HOUR 3. Functions, Structures, and Classes. What Are Structures? What Are Classes? Rectangles and Regions. HOUR 4. Using Dialog Boxes. What Is a Dialog Box? Using Dialog Boxes for Input. Creating Dialog Box-Based Projects. HOUR 5. Button Controls. What Is a Button? Associating Member Variables with a Button Control.

Controlling Your Program with Conditional Expressions. Enabling and Disabling Buttons. Hiding a Button. Defining and Setting Tab Order. HOUR 6. Using Edit Controls.

Understanding Edit Controls. Edit Control Properties. Collecting Entered Text from an Edit Control. HOUR 7. What Are List Boxes? Adding a List Box to a Dialog Box. What Are Combo Boxes?

Using Loops. HOUR 8. Messages and Event-Driven Programming. Understanding the Windows Programming Model.

What Are Messages? A Program to Test for Mouse Clicks. Handling Messages with ClassWizard. HOUR 9. Pointers and References. HOUR What Is a Menu? Creating a Menu. Adding New Menu Items. Creating a Shortcut Menu. Using Keyboard Accelerators. Device Contexts. What Are Device Contexts? How to Use Device Contexts. Stock Objects. Setting the Device Context Map Mode. A Device Context Example. Using Color in Windows Applications. Using Pens and Brushes. What Is a Pen? Drawing with Pens.

What Are Brushes? What Are Fonts? Specifying Font Attributes. Selecting and Configuring the Right Fonts. Programming Fonts. Icons and Cursors. What Is an Icon? Creating Icons Using the Image Editor. What Is a Cursor? Using Cursors in Windows Programs. Spin, Progress, and Slider Controls. The Common Controls.

The Spin Control. Using the Slider Control. Using the Progress Control. Using Bitmaps and Image Lists. What Is a Bitmap? What Is an Image List? Using an Image List. List View Controls. What Is a List View Control? List View Control Properties. Using a List View Control. Tree Views. What Is a Tree View Control? Using a Tree View Control as a View. Deleting Items from a Tree View Control. Performing In-Place Label Editing. Using ActiveX Controls. What Is an ActiveX Control?

Why Use an ActiveX Control? Dynamic HTML. What Is Printing in a Windows Program? Querying the Printing Device Context. What Are Persistence and Serialization? Why Use Serialization? Form Views. What Is a Form View? Using a Form View. Creating ActiveX Controls. Creating an ActiveX Control. Testing an ActiveX Control. Appendix A: Quiz Answers. Hour 3, "Functions, Structures, and Classes".


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Table of contents I. HOUR 1. Starting Developer Studio. HOUR 2. HOUR 3. Functions, Structures, and Classes.


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