Двигатели вентиляторов притока и вытяжки остановлены. В случае если по истечению времени прогрева температура обратной воды окажется ниже чем уставка температуры аварии по температуре обратной воды из теплообменника нагревателя, пуск установки не производится, на экране контроллера отображается сообщение об аварии. Режим работы. При увеличении температуры воздуха скорость вращения вентилятора плавно увеличивается до достижения требуемой уставки. При достижении скорости вентилятора максимально заданной скорости дальнейшее регулирование температуры производится при помощи 3-х ходового клапана данная функция при необходимости может быть отключена в меню контроллера. Порядок остановки: — происходит остановка двигателей вентиляторов с одновременным закрытием жалюзи притока и вытяжки.

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Legenda riferimento fig. LED giallo indicante presenza rete di alimentazione 5. Fusibile Vac, 2 A ritardato 2TA 6. Nel caso lo stesso trasformatore sia destinato anche ad alimentazione di ausiliari od altro, vanno computati a carico del controllo i soli 15 VA indicati Ptot. Qualora il secondario del trasformatore sia posto a terra, verificare che il conduttore di terra sia collegato al morsetto G0 fig. General features Thank you for your choice. We trust you will be satisfied with your purchase.

The pCO is a programmable electronic controller based on a double microprocessor designed by Carel for a wide range of applications in the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration fields. The main board is provided with a set of terminals that connect it to the controlled devices e.

Thanks to pLAN pCO Local Area Network , every board can exchange information any digital and analog variable according to the application program at a high speed of trasmission. In order to rapidly exchange information, up to 16 units both main boards and terminals can be connected to the pLAN network.

Electrical damage to the electronic components is usually due to electrostatic charges, induced by the Operator. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to these components.

Legenda ref. Power supply connector see also Fig. If the tranformer secondary winding is grounded, check that the ground cable is connected to terminal G0 see Fig. If more than one pCO board, connected to the pLAN, must be powered, please check if G and G0 references are observed G0 must be the same for every board.


pCOXS (I/O board)

The Air Handling Unit AHU market is growing at a fast pace worldwide, driven by the stricter requirements of standards and regulations. The heat pump market is now growing faster, aided by carbon emission reduction goals and the availability of more renewable energy sources. The c. Plus Networking — the c. All tERA services are available just connecting the Ethernet plug to your home or office network, without the need for an external connection box. New Operating System — New Multitasking Operating System ensures optimal system resource usage, extended datatypes for user application 32 bit floating point numbers application speed increase and independent protocol engines New Programming Tool — c.


pCO sistema (1Tool)


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