Note When building PyQt4 v4. If you are using the commercial version of PyQt4 then you should use the download instructions which were sent to you when you made your purchase. You must also download your license file. If you are using the commercial version of PyQt4 then you must copy your license file to the sip directory, or to the directory specified by the --license-dir option of configure-ng. You need to make sure your environment variables are set properly for your development environment.

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PyQt 5. This section describes the main differences between the two. However it is possible that some of these have been included accidentaly. These are considered bugs and will be removed if found. Therefore the following are not implemented in PyQt5: QObject.

There will always be an equivalent that takes a bound signal or callable respectively. In addition the following methods have differences: disconnect takes no arguments and disconnects all connections to the QObject instance. PyQt4 exposed both of these allowing you to connect to each of them. However, when emitting the signal, you had to use the signal appropriate to the number of arguments being emitted.

PyQt5 exposes only the signal where all arguments are specified. However it allows any optional arguments to be omitted when emitting the signal. Unlike PyQt4, PyQt5 supports the definition of properties, signals and slots in classes not sub-classed from QObject i.

QScintilla that want to build on top of PyQt5. This allows them to be installed side by side. Their functionality is identical.

In PyQt4 they are interpreted as single character strings. If porting an existing PyQt4 application then consider first updating it to use QPropertyAnimation instead. If porting an existing PyQt4 application then consider first updating it to use QTransform instead.

PyQt5 does support the ability to define a Python class that is sub-classed from more than one Qt class so long as all but one of the Qt classes are interfaces, i. In PyQt5 QSet is always implemented as a set.

The output of pyrcc5 is compatible with all versions of Python starting with Python v2. Those mixin classes must cooperate, i. In PyQt5 the above would cause MyMixin. See Support for Cooperative Multi-inheritance. This happens in a random order and can therefore cause the interpreter to crash.

This behavior can be disabled by calling the sip. PyQt5 always calls sip.


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Introduction While writing console applications and modules using Python can be very enjoyable, I think that almost everyone learning Python eventually wants to do one thing: create a application with a full Graphical User Interface GUI. Fortunately for Python users, there are a few options available to achieve this. One of the more interesting options is PyQt4, Python bindings for the fourth version of the famous cross platform application development API Qt. Qt, owned by Trolltech software, is probably most famous as the foundation for the KDE window manager on Linux. PyQt4, and PyQt version 3, were created and are maintained by Riverbank software. Qt and PyQt4 are both open source and free for open source applications, but if you wish to develop commercial applications you will need to purchase the commercial versions of both Qt and PyQt4.


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