They promote careers of building services engineers by accrediting courses of study in further and higher education, and by approving work based training programmes. Their publications include technical guidance and codes which set the criteria for best practice in the profession. Information NBS NBS has produced specification systems and information products for construction industry professionals for more than 40 years. The National Building Specification is the recognised UK national standard and is used by over 5, organisations. Our customer product and service solutions span four major areas of information: energy, product lifecycle management, environmental and security. By focusing on our customers first, we deliver data and expertise that enable innovative and successful decision-making.

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The latest Code is in fact the 20th edition and carries on the long tradition of providing authoritative advice on lighting. The new edition is significantly different to the edition in a number of ways.

First of all the format has changed — instead of the CD format of old the version has been produced as a book. The content of the Code is also significantly different and these changes were introduced for two reasons.

Firstly, the SLL Handbook, which was introduced in , carries a lot of material about lighting equipment and lighting design. Consequently, there was no point repeating that material in the Code. The recommendations in the new standard have changed in a number of ways: — Each task now has its own uniformity requirement; — There is now a requirement for a background illuminance in areas up to 3. A key point made more explicit in the new edition of the Code relating to requirements for indoor workplaces is that the lighting should be on the stated visual tasks.

The latest edition of the Code takes this one step further. In the section on indoor workplaces it advises that it is wasteful of energy to light the whole space when a particular task is carried out over a relatively small area.

Thus it provides, in a single book, the performance requirement for the vast majority of lighting applications. These sections are supported by all of the necessary background information so that all the parameters discussed can be evaluated from first principals. The topics covered include: — Basic energy and light; — Luminous flux, intensity, illuminance, luminance and their interrelationships; — Direct lighting;.


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SLL Lighting Publications


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