Now, updated with the latest findings in canine behaviour and a completely new user-friendly design, this revised edition will teach you how to raise a problem-free dog. From housetraining to playing games, it will show you how to teach your dog good manners and build his confidence with the world around him. There are step-by-step training and socialization plans as well as a guide to understanding and preventing biting, chewing and other problems. If you want your puppy to develop into a happy, well-behaved and friendly adult dog, you cannot afford to be without this book. As well as lecturing at national and international conferences, Gwen also runs training courses for staff at animal charities around the world and is the owner of The Puppy School, establishing a network of professional, well-trained tutors across the UK.

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Shelves: dogs , 8myp Our dog is two years old, so no longer a puppy, but he is a rescue dog so we are starting from scratch with his training. This book was great for that, since it covers how to train your dog right from him knowing nothing at all.

Oh and we knew nothing too - this is our first dog! The author covers all the basics of how to choose a puppy and how to introduce him to your home and this looked useful, although was less relevant to us. There is an interesting section comparing how a dog views the Our dog is two years old, so no longer a puppy, but he is a rescue dog so we are starting from scratch with his training.

It also explains that dogs use body language to each other, so we should do the same. We should not rely just on spoken commands, because a dog is not attuned to communicating in that fashion.

The author advises how to get a dog used to a crate, to being with adults, with children, with other animals and to spend time alone. The main section we used was Behaviour Control and Leadership.

This helps him to relax, since he knows that his owners will make the decisions and be in control. She advises on how to deal with aggression, how the dog should behave when visitors call, how to get him used to being groomed and so on. There are lots of pictures and the text is written in a simple style that is easy to follow.


The Perfect Puppy




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