Of course, you can still purchase just the maps you want individually or, you can purchase a fully loaded Samsung tablet 7" or 10" in stock ready to go. You pick the device and operating system that is right for you. Whether it is your current smart phone or a dedicated tablet of any size - you get to decide what fits your needs. We have gotten most of these verified by TDOT and are still working with TDOT for the rest not a fast process We identify the ones that are verified along with the notation from the Tennessee law that lists it in the description. Please note — any of the state highways require helmets and seatbelts. Follow all traffic laws.

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We are dedicated to making sure that any question, comment, or concern is addressed as promptly and efficiently as possible. No cellular or data plan is needed. Route creating and trip planning made easy.

Live tracking and trip recording for peace of mind. Our tablets have top tier, integrated GPS receivers and do not require cellular, wi-fi or data service on the trails. Why not Apple? Unfortunately, there are many Apple products without internal GPS hardware and this would create a tech support nightmare.

Our goal is to make sure that all of our customers have as strong of a GPS single as possible while on the trails. We recommend Samsung due to their reliable internal GPS. What about mapping updates? We offer FREE, basic lifetime updates to all of our customers! Click HERE to learn more about basic vs.

You can record new trails and create points of interest that will stay on your tablet permanently, unless you choose to remove them.

What if I lose, damage or upgrade my device? Yes, once you are a customer, you are a customer for a Lifetime. In the event that you lose, damage or upgrade your device, your account is transferable to your new device.

Restrictions apply. Are your devices regular, full-function retail tablets? Yes, our tablets are full-function Samsung tablets just like you would purchase from a big box retailer. Are the trails on the maps colored for difficulty? Our trail difficulty colors are for reference only and should be a guide as to what trails may be more difficult than others.

Your personal riding experience and equipment will ultimately dictate what is difficult for you. What happens when you change trails or add new trails?

Your device will prompt you when updates are released, based on your mapping subscription. Special care was taken in the final rendering of our maps. Lifetime Trailmaps does not accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional accuracy. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, including the warranty of merchant-ability or fitness for a particular purpose, accompanying this product. Always obey local, state and federal laws when using this device.

Our trail and track data is not permitted to be removed from the device, distributed or copied to another device at any time. By accepting, setting up and using our product, you agree to the terms set forth in this disclaimer.


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Windrock 2 and 16 OHV Trail



Windrock Bike Park Trail Map


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