The sound is characterized by the versatile colors of wind instruments; brass and woodwinds, accompanied by a guitar and the drums; which sails you on a musical journey around the Mediterranean and its diverse cultures. Al Raseef can be considered a World Music project due to the various styles, mixtures and cultures that form the band. Playing basically traditional folk music of the Arab World, Turkey, and the Balkans with a huge Euro-Mediterranean influence. The sound and the arrangements are original, where you can easily hear Jazz and Classical Music influences; you can even hear a hint of Ska, Funk and various grooves that goes along with the music as a part of the original sound of what was once traditional. The idea was to play on the street and deliver music to friends and passers-by. Afterwards, the band participated in many musical performances in theaters and festivals in Palestine.

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Problems playing these files? See media help. Maqam Rast is said to evoke pride, power, soundness of mind, and masculinity. At a more basic level, each jins is claimed to convey a different mood or color. For this reason maqams of the same family are said to share a common mood since they start with the same jins.

There is no consensus on exactly what the mood of each maqam or jins is. Some references describe maqam moods using very vague and subjective terminology e. However, there has not been any serious research using scientific methodology on a diverse sample of listeners whether Arab or non-Arab proving that they feel the same emotion when hearing the same maqam. Attempting the same exercise in more recent tonal classical music would mean relating a mood to the major and minor modes.

In that case there is some consensus that the minor scale is "sadder" and the major scale is "happier". In simple terms it means changing from one maqam to another compatible or closely related maqam.

This involves using a new musical scale. A long musical piece can modulate over many maqamat but usually ends with the starting maqam in rare cases the purpose of the modulation is to actually end with a new maqam.

A more subtle form of modulation within the same maqam is to shift the emphasis from one jins to another so as to imply a new maqam. Modulation adds a lot of interest to the music, and is present in almost every maqam-based melody. Modulations that are pleasing to the ear are created by adhering to compatible combinations of ajnas and maqamat long established in traditional Arabic music.

Although such combinations are often documented in musical references, most experienced musicians learn them by extensive listening.


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Arabic maqam

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